Monday , 22 July 2019
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Advantages of Video Search over Text

Given all these aspects which make video search more difficult than text search, together with the fact that text search engines are far from perfect themselves, it may be surprising that successful video search systems have been deployed at all. This may be explained by considering areas where video search is less problematic than text search. Although browsing video results sets is more time consuming than for text, the human visual system can process images more quickly than text. Therefore a first level of results set filtering can be nearly instantaneous. Of course this assumes that a reasonable set of ... Read More »

Search engines represent documents by metadata such as title and URL

When generating search results, search engines represent documents by metadata such as title and URL, but they also include a brief summary or extract to enable users to quickly determine if the document is relevant to their query. In the text domain, the operation of extracting representative text segments is straightforward. Regular expressions can be used to efficiently identify text segments matching the user’s query terms, highlight them with markup, and to locate blanks between words to break up long sentences. More sophisticated processing can remove redundancy to form more meaningful extracts. In the video domain, extraction or summarization methods ... Read More »