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Three Questions to Ask About Your Keywords

There is a reason that keyword research services are in such high demand among businesses everywhere. Keywords, after all, give away their importance in their very names. They are essentially the key to driving customer attraction in terms of your online marketing. Yet the idea of finding the keywords is something that confounds a lot of marketers, for the simple reason that it is hardly an exact science. What businesses have to understand is that it’s not enough for you to do the research beforehand to pick what you think might be the optimum keywords to maximize SEO. Since nothing ... Read More »

The Ultimate List: The Top 10 Online Business Directories

Getting your business seen online can seem like a really difficult task with marketing and technical abbreviations and initials everywhere: SEO, PPC, CPM, CPC! It doesn’t need to be a daunting task though, and there are ways to list your business online that are uncomplicated and can help to boost your brand’s profile to those who need your products or services. The Top 10 Online Business Directories are all listed here, and it’s worth you listing your business is on each for maximum exposure. Google You guessed this one, right? Listing your business with Google will allow your premises to ... Read More »

4 Lessons Lab Equipment and Left-Handed Baseball Gloves Can Teach Us About SEO

Niche markets are some of the most difficult –– yet most lucrative –– areas small businesses can exploit if they properly understand SEO. Often, companies will overlook small markets in their SEO strategy either because they think they’re insignificant and won’t make an impact, or they plain and simple don’t know one exists. Fortunately, we’re here to clue you in on niche markets regardless of whether you run a sporting goods store, or produce Bio-Science tech products. Here are four things every business owner should know about SEO and niche marketing: Your Rivals are Your Resources While every company is ... Read More »

How To Write Content That Works For Google And Your Readers

SEO copywriting is a skill that every marketer needs to learn. Many get the hang of the ‘SEO’ part of it, but they often forget that they’re actually writing for humans. It’s a thin line to tread. You need to ensure that Google will find and index your work, but you need to make sure that your readers are getting value from it, too. You can write content that does both, it just takes a little skill and know how. Here’s how you do it. Why It’s Important To Do Both You want people to find your blog, or website. ... Read More »

How to Make Your Website or Blog Go Viral?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to ensuring the survival and success of your website or blog. Of course, your site can survive online without SEO but if traffic is important to your business, then mere survival won’t be enough. SEO provides the tools and resources necessary to drive the kind of traffic that turns you into a millionaire or that makes your site crash due to the volume of traffic. But you don’t want your site to crush; that’s a sign of poor web development or an unreliable hosting service. Be that as it may, SEO is crucial ... Read More »

The Value of an SEO Specialist

Did some little bird whisper something in your ear about SEO specialists and have lately found yourself wondering whether one would be of value to you? Have you been considering investing in an SEO specialist? Or have you been wondering what really an SEO specialist does, and will that be of value to your current SEO strategies? It’s the same question asked from different angles; what value does an SEO specialist have? Let’s find out. The SEO Specialist – Revealed The internet is a massive place, possibly as vast as a universe. Things start with code and end up as ... Read More »