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One clever idea I had this month

I have a small non-profit in Europe and in march well have a meeting. Now, i want to surprise somehow my members, I want to make them feel that they are belonging to something, that we are united. I am sure you got the idea. Now, the cheapest and easiest way to archive something like this it is to print a custom message, along with my non-profit’s logo on something. Lighters? Neah… Umbrellas?  Yup, bingo, this is it: offset umbrellas! Wearing a customized and funny T-shirt enables it’s wearer to spread your message, it is free marketing. The cost of custom ... Read More »

Belkin ScreenCast AV 4 Wireless AV-to-HDTV Adapter

The Belkin ScreenCast AV4 Wireless AV-to-HDTV Adapter is a great way to create a clean, elegant entertainment environment, with no need for a professional installer, no need to run cables through walls. It’s ideal for wall-mounted HDTVs, and allows you to store your devices up to 30m away, even in another room. Read More »

Need some help finding great birthday presents?

Need some help finding great birthday presents for males? You don’t need to provide a tie this season – listed here are 5 great birthday or valentines day gift ideas for men that he most certainly will love: 1. Photo Gifts: Any guy want mothering Sunday gift produced from his favorite photo. Probably the most popular photo birthday gifts for males include coffee cups, mousepads, puzzles, luggage tags, and photo books. You may also order cards, baseballs, apron, and U.S.postage stamps personalized together with his favorite photo. These fun photo birthday gifts start at under $10. Other popular photo birthday ... Read More »

What to do, what to do?

I am sure that many men asked themselves if it’s enough the enhancement mother nature gave them. 🙂 While every women will say “It doesn’t matter how big it is, it matters what you do with it”, men sometimes want to have that “waw” effect. Read More »

The Darkness II – Launch Trailer

Check out the official cinematic launch trailer for The Darkness II! Embrace The Darkness on February 10 in Asia, on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Pre-order your copy today and receive a FREE upgrade to the Asian Limited Edition! Find out more here: ‪ Read More »

Breast Cancer Clothes And Accessories

At age 43 I underwent a lumpectomy and radiation for treatment of my breast cancer. After recovery I found that knitted and spandex tops did not lie as well on my chest. Nor did swimsuits. They accented the asymmetry of my busts. When I developed lymphedema in my left arm, stretchy apparel looked worse due to my swollen arm. In addition to sweaters I shunned garments with deeper necklines and shallow armholes. Further, since I couldn’t lift anything heavy with my left arm, I was limited in how I could tote bags with shoulder straps. I was thinking to use ... Read More »