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History of Empire State Building Construction

Two similar skyscrapers appeared in New York at about the same time. The Chrysler Building appeared first. The building has 77 floors. It was the highest structure in New York until the Empire State Building was built. For 39 years, from 1931 to 1970 it used to be the tallest building in the whole world. Thus it became one of the most popular symbols of the USA. This building is the most conclusive confirmation of human development and the greatest contributions of humankind. Anyone who sees it for the first time (especially in the 1930’s) is always wondering how such ... Read More »

The Impact of a Pandemic on Polysilicon Production

With the global economy bracing for a slow down as nations face the coronavirus, there are fears over the impact on trade and the effect on the average citizen. Many feared that the outbreak in China and the massive shutdown the country experienced would interrupt the production and dissemination of smartphones and other digital technology. Polysilicon Production When looking at the world’s leading silicon wafer suppliers, China and the United States play significant roles in the production of the tiny components within cell phones. As the coronavirus began to spread through China, most of the regions where polysilicon was produced ... Read More »

Understanding How Online Casino Bonuses Work

If you have ever played online, chances are you know what casino bonuses are or at least, you have come across some of them. These bonuses that you can play at King Casino are incentives offered to players or potential members to get them to be online and play by depositing real money into their casino accounts. Now it may sound like a farce, but in actual fact, these bonuses have been proven to help players get on in their gaming careers and actually save money by making money. So if you want to understand how they work, you are ... Read More »

Importance Of Exciting Bonus Games In Online Slots

Slot games have been around since the late 19th Century, constantly evolving into better and better pieces of gambling entertainment. Early examples were very simple indeed, and it was actually quite a long time into their existence that slot games started to contain the exciting bonus rounds that they do now. You may learn more at and try your luck to getting these bonus rounds. In fact, bonus games have only just really caught off due to the explosion of online slots, a medium that is far better for more dynamic and expansive bonus games. And you really cannot ... Read More »

What To Pack In A Faraday Bag

There are many reasons that a Faraday bag or cage is incredibly useful. If you do not already know what a faraday bag is, it is a bag or container designed in such a way as to block all electronic signals. When many people think of this type of container, the immediately think of preppers and EMP strikes for military purposes. However, there are a surprisingly large number of uses for a protective container. There is a wallet available for purchase that is a type of Faraday cage. Its purpose is to block RFID signals and keep a person’s credit ... Read More »

How Do You Know When To Replace Your Old Work Boots?

Do your feet hurt during a day on the construction site? Are you left with sore, aching soles after a twelve-hour shift hauling boxes in the warehouse? If your feet are in pretty bad condition because of your ancient boots, it’s time to trade up. While it might seem logical to put off buying new ones to save cash, your feet are far, far too important for such lax behavior. Wearing unsuitable work boots can lead to temporary and permanent damage alike – blisters, corns, arthritis, malformed toes, sprains, bunions, and fallen arches. You could also end up with fungal ... Read More »