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Broadcast capture may involve analog to digital conversion and encoding

In addition to crawling, syndication, and user contribution, other forms of acquisition include broadcast capture and event based capture. Broadcast capture may involve analog to digital conversion and encoding, but it is becoming more common to simply capture digital streams directly to disk. For consumers, broadcast may be received over the air, via cable, via direct broadcast satellite, through IPTV or Internet TV multicast. Eventbased acquisition is used in security applications where real-time processing may detect potential points of interest using video motion detection and this is used to control the recording for later forensic analysis. Read More »

Why Hire a Blogger to Promote your Product, Website, or Service?

When it comes to getting the word out about your website, service, or product, there are many ways that you might choose to go. Some people might opt to use traditional methods of marketing that are expensive and out of date. Other people might choose to go with some of the new, radical, and highly intensive methods of online marketing. One of those is to use blogs for the purpose of promotion. If you want to use blogs to promote your product or website and you don’t have a successful blog, where are you to turn? In this case, you ... Read More »

Video search engine systems can make use of redirectors

Video search engine systems can make use of redirector (or “metafiles”) to provide increased functionality when initiating video playback. Instead of the user interface containing links directly to the media files, the links point to media metafiles which are small text markup files issued by the HTTP server with a particular MIME type that is mapped to the client media player. At this point the browser has done its job and control of the streaming session is passed to the media player which connects to a media server. This arrangement provides several advantages: – Response time: the small files download ... Read More »

Digital Asset Management explained

Certainly, social tagging is architected such that the asset is not simply posted into the database and then read out for consumers. The asset metadata effectively continues to grow via repeated annotation by the end users. In fact, the viewers become authors in a sense; they alter the content and add value for subsequent viewers. So there is a feedback loop for additional metadata annotation. An interesting example of this phenomenon is where users translate Web media and create subtitles that are made available via a flash player. One may even consider the act of viewing an asset as ... Read More »

About DNS Server Configurations

The previous example discusses several different DNS servers, each running with a particular configuration. This is important to point out, because a particular configuration should be matched to the need at hand. Following are common DNS server configurations: – A caching-only name server, such as a configured server that is not authoritative for any zone, recursively looks up all queries, and caches what it can. P In a split-DNS setup, the local, internal DNS server is configured to be authoritative for the company domain (or domains). Meanwhile, the “master” authoritative DNS server is still hosted, and the local DNS answers ... Read More »

Using DNS: The Big Picture

The main purpose of DNS is to convert easy-to-remember names into the harder-toremember numbers that computers require. On smaller networks, it is typical, and perfectly acceptable, to rely on the DNS servers supplied by your Internet service provider. However, in larger installations, a site should provide some level of DNS service by hosting the service in-house. Furthermore, it may be necessary to host DNS internally because of the high number of services that rely on a functioning DNS. Of the 23 services listed in Server Admin, Directory Services, Kerberos, and email require fully functioning DNS, while the rest of the ... Read More »