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The Internet and a few Types of Web sites

The online world is evolutionary. With the constant debut of applications and opportunities comes a continuous string of new words and phrases. Here are definitions for key terms you’re sure to hear in any online marketing discussion. Also, watch for the Technical Stuff icon in the margins throughout this chapter. It flags explanations for additional terms that apply to Internet usage. – The Internet, or Net: The global network that links networks worldwide. The Internet allows users to send and receive e-mail and browse the World Wide Web. – World Wide Web, or Web: The graphical, multimedia aspect of the ... Read More »

There is an awesome alternative To iTunes: MediaMonkey 3.0.6

When you link iPhone or iPod touch to your personal computer, accounts are automatically synced fitting to your preferences set in ITunes. You can, for instance, enter telephone numbers and addresses of buddies and family members on your personal computer, link iPhone or iPod touch to sync, then disconnect iPhone or iPod touch and tap a friend’s name on the touch screen to call. There is an awesome alternative To iTunes To Synch Your Computer To Your iPhone 3: MediaMonkey 3.0.6. RELEASED BY Ventis Media. This is a great tool to copy iPhone. iTunes is a great piece of software, ... Read More »

Who’s Online and What Are They Doing?

Most forecasts project that during 2005 the number of people with Internet access worldwide will soar close to 1 billion. – Users currently divide almost evenly between men and women and disperse into every age group from early teens up, with those 65+ showing the greatest usage increase. – English is the official language of two-thirds of Web pages, but more than half of Web users are native speakers of languages other than English. Companies serving global markets increasingly view multilingual options on their sites as necessary rather than optional. – Most users are sending e-mail, but they’re also logging ... Read More »

Many services have failover or high-availability capabilities

Configuring Failover Services To have a backup server take over the services of a failed master requires additional instructions. The instructions in “Configuring Failovers” simply bring a backup server on-line in place of a failed master; there’s nothing that makes it take over for services configured on the master. Many services have failover or high-availability capabilities built in, and wouldn’t need to rely on the Apple IP Failover scheme. For instance, Open Directory has a Master and Replica configuration that provide a high availability configuration. MySQL has facilities for replication and may be better served by its native failover capabilities ... Read More »

Are you prepared for a system crash?

Internet backup software program allows you to store your data on a remote server for backing up. It is also known as remote backup computer software and online backup software. Internet backup software programs are generally used by large- and medium-scale companies and organizations such as banks and stock exchanges. Internet backup software is more modern than hard disk backup software, and it can backup large quantities of data calculated in gigabytes and terabytes. The software takes benefit of non-peak times of Internet use and supplies unique disc backup solutions. It is the safest and the most effective way to ... Read More »

Locating the selection a website hosting supplier

Locating the selection a website hosting supplier solely on a Web hosting review can be a good decision. Many hosting review sites earn their revenue from either being profited to host the reviews or from earning percentage from the sales of hosting plans. A simple search of Google for the expression ‘web hosting review’ will return a variety of almost sixty 8 million results which gives an indication of just how rewarding the review business can be. To further explain this, to place an advert on Google using Google’s Adwords program will currently cost you $14 to $18 for a ... Read More »