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Does Blog Advertising Work?

No. Blog advertising doesn’t work. There are going to be many of you who completely disagree with me. You will attempt to tell me that all of your blog advertising methods have brought you an insane amount of traffic and that obviously blog advertising works. This ideas completely wrong on two different fronts, and these will be discussed at length in this article. Before getting started on the two fronts, there has to be a solid definition of the word “works”. The purpose of advertising is not to gain traffic, it’s to convert sales. Think of it this way: if ... Read More »

0% APR Balance Transfers – Get a Good Deal

With average credit card interest rates over 14%, balance transfers can provide a great way to save money on credit card interest. However, not all 0% APR balance transfer credit card offers are the same. In fact, some offers can eat away at a substantial portion of the savings a 0% APR balance transfer can provide. offer a great “balance transfer calculator.” Unfortunately, offers for these deals are few and far between these days. As someone that tracks the credit card market for a living, I’ve watched as almost every credit card company has pulled these balance transfer offers ... Read More »

The meat of the news release

Once you know your angle, begin writing your release in this order: – Whom to contact for more information: At the top of your release, include the name of a knowledgeable person who can be contacted for information, along with a telephone number for reaching that person directly and without any time-consuming voice mail interfaces. – When the news can be released: In rare cases, releases are sent with a line describing an embargo, or an instruction not to release the news until a certain date or time. Embargoes are unnecessary for all but the most sensitive news announcements, which ... Read More »

Most news releases never make it into the media

The fable about the oil driller who tossed in the towel just feet before reaching liquid gold is a good analogy for what most small businesses term their failed publicity programs. They send out five, maybe even ten, news releases, nothing happens, and they quit disappointed and without a clue of how close they came to achieving the result they so badly desired. To generate publicity for your business, commit to a long-haul program and keep the following in mind: – Don’t expect instant or even consistent results. Most news releases never make it into the media. Don’t expect to ... Read More »

Paintball is a military style combat game

Paintball is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing outdoor participation sports today. Ever since it was introduced in the ’80s, paintball has captured the world’s attention and is now played in over 40 countries. Paintball is a military style combat game. Teams comprised of a number of players try to eliminate the opposing teams by shooting a paintball gun at the other players. When a player gets hit by the paintball, he is eliminated from the game. White River Paintball Field ( is located in the Indianapolis, IN metro area. We have a paintball field 126 acres in size, ... Read More »

Building Loyalty Service builds loyalty

To walk into a business and be greeted by name is a customer luxury. To check into a hotel and be welcomed like a valued frequent guest is a pleasure. To be walked to your favorite table in a restaurant, to have your voice recognized in a phone call to a small business, to have a record of your recent purchases on file for easy reference these are the kinds of conveniences and service indicators that move satisfied customers into the loyal customer category. Imagine this hotel check-in scenario: The clerk enters your name in the computer, looks up and ... Read More »