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It Solutions and Web Development in the Internet Industry

IT Solutions Primer In the developing industry of the internet, people have learned and got accustomed to being reliant to the information that can usually be found in the internet today. Some of the most wanted information don’t come for free and so in order to be able to understand some of them, there will be times that a cash obligation comes around. This is true most of the time but with what the internet can offer for people who knows how to look for the perfect and free information, everything else is easy as pie. IT solutions speaking, ... Read More »

Pay for Performance (p4p) Advertising

   Businesses around the world invest, or to be more precise, they spend, untold numbers of dollars to advertise, market and promote their products and services to make sales and gain new clients. In an economic downturn these expenditures may be reduced due to cost constraints and consumer reluctance to buy. As an example it costs around $1,000usd for a small classified advertisement in the weekend editions of major USA newspapers, $2-3,000usd for a similar placement in monthly travel magazines.  Radio spots, from ‘cheap and nasty’ during the hours when nobody is really awake to prime time messages to thousands, ... Read More »

Web Development and Design Foundations with XHTML

Product DescriptionUsing Hands-On Practice exercises and Web Site Case Studies to motivate readers, Web Development and Design Foundations with XHTML includes all the necessary lessons to guide students in developing highly effective Web sites. A well-rounded balance of hard skills (such as XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript ) and soft skills (such as accessibility, ethics, e-commerce, and Web site promotion strategies) presents everything beginning Web developers need to know. In the Fourth Edition, cascading style sheets–now the standard in Web design–are introduced earlier in the text and are then integrated throughout. Ethics and accessibility issues receive increased coverage, and a new ... Read More »

Media Advertising Must Adapt to Survive in 2009

Broadcasters, marketers and media buyers agree that, because we now live in a video-on-demand world in which consumers control what they watch and when, the broadcast advertising model is broken.  And while the media industry is still sorting through their predicament on television, perhaps the even more troubling news is that, due to the tough economic conditions the world faces going into 2009, all indications are that online ad spending will dip over the next year.  What can media companies and advertisers do in this floundering ad ecosystem?  The short answer: they will have to change the way advertising is ... Read More » Site Builder & Hosting Suite Sb By

Product’s Site Builder and Hosting Suite is designed to enable customers to easily register a domain name, build a website, and have it professionally hosted for a full year. After the year of free service, customers will be billed a standard recurring monthly fee to maintain their website, hosting and domain name registration. In addition, has partnered with Google to offer a $75 credit towards Google AdWords included in every box to help consumers market websites…. More >> Site Builder & Hosting Suite Sb By Read More »