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Put Gambling Adventures on your Bucket List

Gambling can take you places the way you want to go. It can take you to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Tahoe or even to Ocean City, Maryland resorts. Or, it can take you to one of the many resorts sponsored by Native American tribes. What gambling adventures are on your bucket list? Las Vegas is always evolving. If you haven’t been there in five years, you won’t recognize it. Its changes literally multiply its attractions to remain the entertainment capital of the world as well as the premier gambling destination. If you choose Las Vegas, read up on this ... Read More »

The Biggest Advantages of Playing Online Casino Games

Some people think that online gambling is a passing fad. And they are convinced that there’s no better experience than playing games of chance in a real casino. This may be true for some people. They may prefer the rush of anticipation that they get as they drive to the nearest casino. But others might not want to be bothered driving an hour or more every time they feel like playing a few games of chance. Whether you realize it or not, there are many benefits of playing online casino games. Some of these benefits might be really obvious to ... Read More »

From CrunchBase to ThoughtSpot: 3 Partnership Success Stories to Motivate Your Business

Whether yours is an established business looking to grow or a start-up with a fantastic idea, investors are key. In fact, when investors and businesses team up, the sky’s the limit. Here are three inspiring stories to show just how productive a business/investor partnership can be. Cooking With CrunchBase CrunchBase is platform that pulls industry trends, news, information, businesses and investors together all in one place. Its comprehensive global reach includes individual business and executive profiles, such as that of Cary Kochman, and small business start-ups all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. Using a variety of measurements, CrunchBase ... Read More »

Basic Steps in Setting Up and Running a Blog

In this article, we are going to discuss the process of starting and building a blog to make money. Many people who want to start a blog are usually intimidated by the process, the technology being required throughout the process, and by the overall unexpected situations that might show up during the process. So, let’s see the basic steps of setting up and getting a blog live. 1. Domain name The very first step is acquiring a domain name for your blog. A common .com domain name usually costs $10-$15 per year and it’s yours. Before you choose a domain ... Read More »

Absolutely Positioned Div

The DIV is just a tag to represent a division of the page, sometimes called a section of the page, the full details of the tag can be found here: An AP Div is a DIV tag which you can absolutely position (thus the AP in the name) this means you can place it anywhere on the page. In Dreamweaver to insert an AP Div you go to the Insert > Div menu item and select it. Once selected it will ask you for a name, in the ID field enter in a name for this div, e.g. logo ... Read More »

Battery Care – See in-depth battery data

Smartphone batteries are among the most frequently replaced accessories when it comes to mobile technology. Most of the time, it is due to our lack of knowledge on the correct way to use them. If you own an iPhone or any other smartphone or tablet with a non-removable battery, it becomes really tough to know if your battery is in good condition or not. This may lead to so much worry as you may never know the status of your phone’s battery. To be on the safe side, it helps to download an app that analyses your battery performance and ... Read More »