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4 Interior Design Tips for Beginners

Whether you own the multi-level home of your dreams or just moved into your first apartment, one of the most exciting parts of any living space is decorating the space and making it your own is getting to design the interior of your new home. While there are plenty of expert designers out there at companies like Key Interiors who can help you create the living space of your dreams, it can be rewarding to complete an interior design project on your own. If you are new to interior design and wondering how to complete your space on your own ... Read More »

3 Sensible Home Renovations for Growing Families

Looking for ways to update your home to better accommodate your growing family? Consider undertaking some home improvement projects to increase the function and efficiency of your home. Here are three great renovation options that will enhance your family’s everyday life at home. 1. Add Outdoor Entertainment Adding outdoor entertainment options to your backyard will give you and your family a comfortable and fun space to get fresh air and outdoor activity. If you have young children, install a playground in your backyard complete with a slide and swings. For older kids and adults, a backyard pool can be a ... Read More »

4 HVAC Maintenance Tips Beyond Changing Dirty Filters

Every spring and fall, it is a good idea to have your HVAC system inspected to insure it’s operating efficiently. We all know that inspecting and changing air filters is the easiest way to keep our HVAC systems in good shape, but you can do even more to keep energy and repair costs down. Why spend more money than you need to on the HVAC system? Take a look at these quick tips for proper maintenance of your unit that you can do yourself to avoid costly repairs or high energy bills. Invest in a High Efficiency Pleated Air Filter ... Read More »

Why Is My Neighbor’s Energy Bill Lower Than Mine?

While people don’t regularly compare their energy bills, you might have talked about energy savings with your friends or your neighbors and realized during the conversation that they pay a much smaller bill than you do. Maybe some of that comes from a difference in square footage, but you may have to admit there’s a problem if the numbers are way off from where they ought to be. So how does this happen? How can energy bills be so different between households? You may be wasting energy in a number of different ways. Poor Insulation Insulation can be one of ... Read More »

How to Make The Best Use of a Tiny Closet

If you’ve ever lived in a small space like a studio apartment or tiny home after a move with the assistance of Black Tie Moving Dallas, you likely know just how challenging it can be to find room for all of your belongings. In many apartments and smaller houses, closets are just too small to hold everything we need them to. If you’ve recently moved into a space with a tiny closet and are having a difficult time finding room for all of your belongings, don’t despair – having a tiny closet isn’t the end of the world! By staying ... Read More »

4 Unique Ways to Cut Costs and Cool Your Home This Summer

When the mercury rises, your home should be an oasis protecting you against the elements. However, keeping your home cool can cost a substantial amount of money. Heating and cooling account for nearly half of all energy use in most American homes, but you can slash these costs without compromising on comfort. Does it sound too good to be true? You’ll soon see the savings with these money-saving cooling strategies. Keep the Sun Out with Blockout Shades Blockout shades can famously help us get the best night’s sleep, but they’re also handy tools for reducing energy use in the homes. ... Read More »