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Things you should know about thrombocytes

Thrombocytes or popularly called platelets are small blood cells that help in the clotting process and stop bleeding quickly. When blood vessels get impaired, platelets receive signals from the brain and they quickly move to the injured area, bind together to close and fix the impaired tissue. Platelets shape change Thrombocytes are normally not visible to naked eyes but only through microscopes. Platelets that are non-active are shaped like tiny plates. When injury happens, the signaling process sends off message to the platelet and then they change their shape into their active form. They quickly respond to the signals and ... Read More »

Which Imaging Method Is the Right One?

If you have a need for medical imaging in NJ, places like Middletown Imaging have all the necessary equipment to be able to perform whatever your doctor orders. Their affiliation with doctors who can read and interpret the images means the results are available quickly. Depending on the condition for which you are being treated, one or more of a variety of imaging types may be conducted. A digital X-ray will utilize the latest technology available to check for things like bone fractures and joint injuries. They use much less radiation than traditional X-rays and provide clearer images, allowing the ... Read More »

Marketing Tips For Healthcare Brands

When we think of healthcare, we think of a service that most people inherently need. When it comes to services like this, sometimes we assume that because the service is a necessity that it doesn’t require marketing efforts. However, any brand or company that has competitors needs to market itself and businesses in the healthcare field are no exception. Here are some marketing tips for healthcare brands. Know Your Product If you’re marketing a healthcare brand, it’s imperative that you know your product inside and out. For example, if you’re marketing a medical package testing service, it’s crucial that you ... Read More »

Which Advanced Health Degrees Are Right for You?

You may be considering getting a Master of Health Science, Master of Public Health or a Master of Science in Health Informatics, but aren’t sure which is the best option. A Master of Health Science is available in most medical departments and involves detailed study and research in an area of public health. An MHS degree prepares students for research and gives a solid grounding for advanced graduate work. A Master of Public Health is a multidisciplinary professional degree for studies relevant to public health practice rather than simply research. A Master of Science in Health Informatics integrates technology and ... Read More »

Working From Home? 5 Tips to Keep Your Back from Going Out

You’re a happy and productive freelancer who works from home… You’re having a great day, when your pencil falls off your desk. You reach for it, and then… Baaam! Pain. Your back gives out. Has this happened to you? Working from home comes with many benefits and luxuries, but it doesn’t mean one becomes immune to bouts of back spasms or pain. The dangers of sitting behind a desk are many. And back problems are among them. The best cure for your back giving out? Preventing it from happening in the first place. Here are 5 tips to keep your ... Read More »

How to Get Back into a Fitness Regime after a Long-term Injury

Sustaining an injury can badly affect one’s daily activities. Whether it’s a minor one or a major injury, a person is forced to change the way he or she moves while in the recovery process. In fact, injured people often lose their muscle tone as they lessen their physical movements resulting in muscle atrophy. It’s similar to performing work that requires less movement such as being confined to your desk sitting for long hours. Nothing to worry about, though, as those who are used to a busy schedule and fitness regime can always go back to their routine after suffering ... Read More »