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E-Drops Nano – Natural Treatment for ITU

Overuse of antibiotics is known to lead to destruction of helpful bacteria, alteration of the body’s bacterial make-up and resistance to antibiotics. E-Drops Nano is a revolutionary therapy that provides relief for countless women with urinary tract infections (UTI) and cystitis or inflammation of the bladder without leading to bacterial imbalance or resistance. E-Drops Nano is made entirely from herbal extracts that provide an efficient and successful way of eliminating infections associated with UTIs and cystitis. It works by protecting the vaginal walls from fungal and bacterial attacks that usually degenerate into UTIs. Natural treatment for urinary tract infection is ... Read More »

Beverly Hills Home Care & Caregivers

When a family member grows old, an extra burden is placed on the family members who have to provide constant care. Things can become even more complicated if health problems arise. In such a case, it is better to use the services of a senior care home rather than trying to do it yourselves. A care home has qualified experts and the resources to give all round care to the elderly. They provide caregivers for seniors who need assistance in their home. Serving Los Angeles and surrounding area since 2002, Senior Home Care has built a reputation of being reliable ... Read More »

Diabetes Supplies for Less is an online retailer that supplies various products related to diabetes, including test strips, monitors, and generally educate people on this particular medical condition. The company claims that it stocks thousands of products and from an initial look at the website, this is certainly a claim that could be true. They also sell the products for less, so clearly there will be some interest in what they have to offer. What is clear from the moment that you land on this website is that it is not only about the products, but also being a useful education tool for people ... Read More »

Advanced Animal Care: the best veterinary clinic in Richmond Kentucky!

While most of us care for fellow humans, a number of us pay no heed to animals that we find around us roaming the streets; malnourished and sick. It stands for a fact that as humans, we need to have a more mystical concept of animals. Most of us err in treating them with compassion for the reason that they have taken a form that is so below ourselves. It shall be wrong to measure animals by men. Animals have a different world of their own in which they see and hear more than we do. In that world, they ... Read More »

Duties of a Health PR Specialist

Doctors, medical clinics and centers, and even hospitals are often seen as hardened individuals and institutions that care more about money than their patients. Even the media seems to take a certain amount of satisfaction in writing and broadcasting stories about honest mistakes, sudden hospital deaths and the odd case where foul play actually does in involve someone in the medical profession. While all of these types of incidents are the exception rather than the rule, it still leaves a negative impression in the eyes of the public. In order to give a more honest view of the medical profession ... Read More »

Acupuncture Manila

Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific acupoints along the skin of the body involving various methods such as the application of heat, pressure, or laser or penetration of thin needles.[1] It is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which aims to treat a range of conditions. Acupuncture Manila is a great website offering information and resources about acupuncture. Dr. Philip Nino Tan-Gatue MD, CAc, CMA,is one of the leading experts in Traditional Medicine and Chinese Medicine in the Philippines. Currently, he is a Clinical Associate Professor in the University of the Philippines College of Medicine and is Director ... Read More »