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The Risks Of Self-Recovery From Addiction

The concept of treating yourself for an addiction problem is one that challenges the very foundations of therapy and recovery from addictions. It rattles many of those in the profession of helping others in recovery. It goes without saying that there are those who quit smoking on their own with no therapist involved and do so with great success. Some quit cold turkey, some with the help of chewing gum and, perhaps, a nicotine patch or lozenge. Once they have stopped smoking, some of them relapse, as might be expected. Some of them don’t. Famously, the humorist Mark Twain claimed ... Read More »

Beard Hair Transplants – 5 Things To Know

There is good news for the patchy-bearded men – beard transplant is easily available to get rid of all your hair worries. Who is beard transplant for? People who have scanty, patchy or no hair growth at all, can easily opt for this effective procedure. Beard FUE needs to be performed by an experienced FUE surgeon. Recent data reveals that the procedure has increased more than six-fold in the past five years. Here is a quick guide. 1.    It is same as scalp hair transplant: Beard hair transplant is no different. A hair surgeon extracts hair follicles from another part of ... Read More »

Cure Uterine Fibroids Naturally without drug. Fibroid Miracle 100% natural

  Fibroidsmiracle.com provides a 3-step program that guarantees natural and complete elimination of fibroids from the uterus in 2 months. The person behind this system, Amanda Leto, was a sufferer of fibroids and used this program to get rid of her fibroids. Apart from permanent elimination, the website also teaches how to prevent any recurrence of the disease. You will also learn how to pressure and pain in the pelvis, as well as stop discomfort and bloating in just 12 hours. There is also something for women with irregular periods, heavy menses and fertility issues that teach methods of eliminating these ... Read More »

Senior Care Services

  Your Direct Healthcare offers a 24/7 home care service to seniors in the Los Angeles and Ventura County area. Their online presence lists the many services that they offer, with a full description available to answer any questions that you may have about each one. The main page has all of the basic information that you need, including contact information and the ability to fill in a basic form in order to arrange a call back. This is a very simple website, which has clearly been thoughtfully designed with the needs of their primary customer base in mind. Since ... Read More »

West Coast Life Center

  West Coast Life Center is a leading boutique emotional wellness center focused on cutting edge, evidence-based, integrative psychiatric care for their patients in Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas. They are a team of experts who help those struggling with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, insomnia, ADHD, personality, and other disorders. The West Coast Life Center was able to extend their services to me in a supportive and convenient manner. I felt listened to and my team of professional helped me feel safe. The environment of the West Coast Life Center was full of staff members who put me first ... Read More »

Herpes Review

  Ever heard of the Herpes Virus? Check out this interesting blog called Herpes Review!! This blog focuses primarily on the herpes viruses found in the human body in a latent state. These viruses can remain dormant and hidden from the immune system for years, only to erupt later without warning. Herpes Review, a site on the Herpes virus, has articles written by Life Sciences graduate Lisa Podolsky. It is one that those with concerns about the Herpes virus should look through. The website educates people about the Herpes virus, its treatment and most importantly, its prevention. The site, useful ... Read More »