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Focussed relaxation can alter the expression of genes!

Has anyone ever told you that focussed relaxation can alter the expression of genes within your body to improve wellness? Studies have show that the mind and body connection is vital to good health and wellness and when creating a relaxation response within the body you release powerful natural abilities to fight disease. Today anxiety and tension impact how effectively we work and play and lead us down a path of sickness. Working with your body’s natural ability to use the hypnotic state has remarkable results on health and wellness. Clinical Hypnotherapy can completely change your life! It might surprise ... Read More »


Dodhisattva is a holistic health site that provides useful health information to its users. Examples of health issues that are dealt with on this site include cellular exercise, cellular nutrition, cellular communication and cellular environment. These health related issues are core factors that determine the status of an individual’s health hence they carry a lot of importance that need to be evaluated. Dodhisattva takes an in depth analysis on what people need to do in their body, spirit and mind so as to achieve the health freedom that they require in their daily lives as they undertake their daily activities. ... Read More »

More and more people restore their health with healing sounds (and for only $14.95)

Sound healing therapy is one of the best healing methodologies. This is a site that focuses on alternative sound therapy by the name Heal tone. Heal tone is the best sound therapy is the best sound therapy system because it has no associated side effects. Heal tone site was formed to provide all the necessary information that patients who need sound therapy especially those undergoing or are yet to undergo heal tone therapy. This healing system has got exceptional healing frequencies that make it one of the most recommended sound healing methodologies. With existence of varied sound healing systems, this ... Read More »

The Impact of Smart Phones on Medical Dictation

Smart phones have helped to increase many doctors’ willingness to do medical dictation. Some of the major hurdles doctors have had to jump include making enough time in their workloads to actually do the dictation and knowing that they might have to edit the contents of dictation files later. Some doctors see this as an increased workload and know they will not likely have time to correct errors. Additionally, every smart phone is not created equally. Some are more adept at voice recognition than others and will seamlessly record doctors’ notes. Other phones are not designed to do voice recognition ... Read More »

Lemon detox diet

Eating healthy and body detoxification is one of the topics which are overly emphasized on each and every day. If you are wondering on which the best detox diet is, Healthy Food Home is the website to consult. It is here that you will learn on the importance of consuming Lemon Detox Diet. You will also get to understand the health value that comes with Lemon Detox Diet. In other words, everything that you have always wanted to know about the diet is comprehensively cracked down here. You can sum up everything by dropping your views and contribution below the ... Read More »

Best Rated Exercise Bikes

As we all know, sport is an ideal leisure activity because it’s healthy, fun and great for silhouette shaping. If you want to tone your abdomen, buttocks, legs and entire body, do not miss the wide variety of top products that will help you burn calories and tone your muscles. You love to ride a bike?  But what about when the time is cool and we can not afford to do long bike rides? Or when time does not allow us yet we want to do sports? A suitable solution for maintaining fitness, control weight loss, have a harmonious and a tonified ... Read More »