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Tiger Street Football

Football gets a shot of pure adrenaline with Tiger Street Football. Unlike regular football, this tournament is an exhilarating, explosive and in-your-face showcase of street skills clashing in a unique, oval-caged pitch. Co-created by ESPN, Tiger Street Football currently takes place in 5 bustling Asian megacities. It features high-intensity, 5-a-side street football matches, where the best local teams are pitted against the finest street footballers from Asia, Europe and South America. The matches are broadcast ‘LIVE’ across Asia on ESPN, as teams battle it out for lucrative cash prizes, as well as the mantle of Tiger Street Football Grand Champions. Read More »

A Real Pirate’s Birthday Party!

It’s that time of the year again and you are in luck! Throwing a party for your little pirate is not that hard of a task. All you really need to find are awesome party decorations and think about a couple other things, then you will have a really great party! Decorating for the party! When planning a pirate’s birthday, you are going to need to look into the decorations that are more devoted to that particular style. Luckily, this isn’t such a hard task, as we’ve already said. You can look online for everything that you need. There are ... Read More »

Sci-Fi T-Shirts and Apparel

I must admit that my favorite movies are the SF ones. I love to see the extension of science, those awesome stories, species created by people’s imaginations and so on. I have a friend and the guy is such a Star Wars fan, he collected in the last few years a lot of stuff like toys, posters, etc. Soon it’s gonna be his birthday and I want to surprise him with something original. I found a nice online store, sci-fi stuff; they have a lot of things I could buy: t-shirts, glasses, posters, mugs, figures and much more. So, if ... Read More »

Birthday present ideas

Soon it will be the birthday of my best friend and I really don’t know how could I surprise him with a nice, adequate present. I must admit also that I am not good when it comes to birthday present ideas. I mean, how could I know what someone wants? Or can use? That’s why usually I am picking something quite stupid but this year I want to be original. I googles a bit and stumbled upon a website,, which is offering exactly what I need: birthday present ideas. There are a lot of original, unique ideas: Grow It ... Read More »

Ice watches for sports lovers

Time. It’s that thing that is passing by either if we make use of it on we don’t. This year I’ll turn 32 and sometimes I wander if I did enough until now and the answer is always “no, I didn’t”. In this article I don’t wanna speak about myself or my accomplishments; I want to talk about Ice watches, watches, those little thingies we measure time with. Everyone has at least a couple of watches, I’m sure of that. People tend to buy somehow conservative watches made of various shiny metals. But if you like sports, as I do, ... Read More »

Just one of my moods again

I’m in one of my moods again where I spend free time consumed on the balcony with beatnik philosophy and coffee and my moleskin as cars whirr by or crickets sing harmoniously to potential mates depending on the time of day. I quite like these moods though, rare as they may be, because they’re healthier for the mind than the drunken stupor of nightly stumbling home from the bars to collapse on the floor and groan beneath the weight of too many gin-and-tonics and not enough self-control. In these moods I write because the mind works better when death’s premonition ... Read More »