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Do you need to operate in Europe?

Are you looking to conduct business in Europe, and in need of a European bank account? Look not further. Financials1 blog just wrote a new piece about the List of leading European banks. For each well known global bank, you can find the location of headquarters, date of establishment, services offered, location of top active branches and of course the location of their online web-address for more details. The reviews are provided free of charge, and the site is free of advertising. If you have a US-facing business that can apply to individuals or businesses outside the united states, Europe ... Read More »

Make Money Online In Easy Steps

There cannot be many of us who haven't needed to find extra money either for everyday bills or maybe to save up for that special treat or holiday that we all need from time to time, you should consider the best ways to make money online. Read More »

Two Important Aspects of Insurance for an Independent contractor

If you are an independent contractor, you need to get a contractors insurance policy. This type of policy will protect you in several ways, and you should consider getting a robust policy that has several coverage aspects to it. One area of this type of policy is that of workers’ compensation. If you are an independent contractor, you are not eligible for workers’ compensation. Whether you are doing the work of a plumber, electrician, pipe fitter or dry wall installer, if you get hurt on the job, you will receive nothing. This is quite different if you have worker’s compensation ... Read More »

Trend Wallet … the slimmest, sexiest, smartest wallet in the world!

The Trend Wallet was born out of a need to slim down from a bulky wallet while still holding all the essentials, such as identification, cash, credit cards, etc. We wanted to accomplish this using the least amount of leather without compromising on style or quality. And that’s exactly what we accomplished! Remember when we were kids and we went through at least 20 wallets trying to find the right one?  I saw my son go through this and questioned why?  At the end, we all just give in and settle for what we are used to regardless of being ... Read More »

Do you earn via videochat? Boost your sales with StretchPay!

The topic of this website is StretchPay, a PayPal application created for optimizing money transfer. The landing page presents various categories that allow the user to learn more about StretchPay. Some people might not be familiar with this application, so the website provides an useful ‘FAQ’ section that answers all the main questions. The ‘Explanations’ page continues the task and manages to clarify most things about this service. The content is well-organized and comprises the key aspects that anyone is interested to find out. Each category reveals further pages that offer more details. Providing your service via video chat you ... Read More »

How to make money blogging? is a well thought out website that really could inspire you and spur you on to learning how to make money blogging. As soon as you even land on the home page you are being swept along on a tidal wave of testimonials, links to various ebooks and products that can help you, and a wealth of information that really should prove to be rather useful to a lot of people. There is so much on there that you really do not mind that the design of the website is relatively plain although it is hardly ugly at the same ... Read More »