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What Is a Reverse Mortgage?

If you are a homeowner approaching retirement, you may have heard about a reverse mortgage. This is often presented as a way to increase your monthly income. There are several factors to consider when thinking about a reverse mortgage. You can use this overview of how a reverse mortgage works to determine if it is the right option for you. Reverse Mortgage Basics A Reverse Mortgage is essentially a type of loan that is based on the equity you have in your home. A lender pays you a certain amount every month based on the amount of the loan. The ... Read More »

5 Basic Tips to Improve Your Personal Finances

For many people, improving finances and building personal wealth seems really complicated. You might read terms like “401k” and “mortgage refinancing” and already feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, personal finance does not need to sound like a foreign language. In fact, if you can just follow some simple principles and strategies, you can improve your finances and build a more secure future for yourself and your family. So, in today’s guide, we are going to look at 5 basic tips to improve your personal finances! Don’t Spend More Than You Make It might sound pretty obvious, but many people struggle with this ... Read More »

Types of Residential Real Estate Loans – Risks & Benefits for Borrowers

Residential real estate loans come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer trying to make sense of the market or a grizzled veteran looking to accumulate your umpteenth investment property, you have more options at your disposal than you may realize. Let’s take a look at some common types of residential real estate loans in turn — after getting some terms out of the way. What Counts as Residential Real Estate?  First, let’s define what “residential real estate” means here: single-family and small multifamily properties only. “Contrary to popular belief, multifamily residential properties comprising five or more ... Read More »

What, Why and How of a Car Insurance Premium Calculator

Whether you are buying a car, or buying an insurance policy for your car, its cost matters. Wouldn’t it be ideal to know exactly how car insurance is calculated? This way, you can arrive at a car insurance quote that is low-priced but does not compromise on the insurance cover offered. A car insurance calculator can help you to figure out your best-suited car insurance policy. Read ahead to know what, why, and how of a car insurance calculator. What is a car insurance premium calculator? Just as a normal calculator helps you with mathematical equations, a car insurance premium ... Read More »

8 Tips To Save On Car Insurance Premiums This Christmas

One can easily save on car insurance premium during prominent festivals as insurance companies introduce offers on their products. In this article, we will discuss tips to save on Car insurance premium during Christmas and other festivals. Tips To Save On Car Insurance Premium #1 Compare Car insurance policies Comparing car insurance policies will give you a clear idea about the features and benefits offered by each policy. You will also get an idea about the cost of your ideal policy. If you feel that the services and features offered by two insurers are similar, you can choose a policy ... Read More »

Payday Loans OR Car Title Loans – Hmm, which one should you go for?

Payday loans and car title loans are forms of short-term loans that enable borrowers to get quick cash to settle their financial woes. Payday loans have been around for decades, I would say even a century depending on how you look at it. If you are wondering, “a century???” that’s a story for another day. Title loans, on the other hand, have been in business for roughly three decades now and have grown in popularity. Between payday loans and title loans, some people have a problem determining which one will be most suitable for their situation. Let’s take a closer ... Read More »