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Atheist Republic

If you’re an atheist but have been feeling oppressed by Christianity and its followers, then you need fret no more. On this website, there are thousands just like you, with the same realistic views on life and morality, principles and (lack of) divinity. Atheists have become ever more popular due to their strong belief in science, rather than stories and fables, as we can found out on this atheist and humanist blog. They rely on hard scientific fact in their quest to find the truth and use thought, reason and logic rather than a blind belief in an inexistent heavenly ... Read More »


If you plan on writing a hit song, whether it’s the lyrics or the music, then you’ve come to the right place at SongMD. This website offers critique, advice and co-writing services for the next big hit on the pop, rock, Christian, gospel and new country music market. Molly-Ann Leikin is a celebrity in the music world, with 15 gold and platinum records and en Emmy nomination to boast with. She will help you achieve your life-long dream of becoming a famous musician in no time. On the website, you’ll also have the option of purchasing her two books on ... Read More »

Zubi Travel

If you are planning to go out for holidays then you can have a look on different websites, forums, travel advice agency websites and more. A website I really enjoy checking out every now and then is Zubi Travel. This particular website is a blog in fact and offers various reviews, location information, prices, images, galleries and more. Thus, the visitor, can find our more about a lot a destinations he might be interested in. There is also a search function, that’ll help people to search for city names, countries, and so on. This is a website I highly recommend. Read More »

Guitar Coach

Today I’d like to present Guitar Coach Magazine, a free magazine-based Application for iPad with loads of guitar tuition videos and articles as well as music news, product reviews and guest articles. Guitar Coach is a free magazine, packed with practical guitar coaching videos. From beginner to intermediate lessons, including songs, riffs, licks, solos and improvisation. Guitar Coach also includes guitar news, articles, guitarist profiles and product reviews. Guitar Coach magazine is a free publication. I highly recommend this to any person who want to start learn playing the guitar. Read More »

Enhancing Looks Through Safe Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation involves insertion of pigments, which are colored under the surface of the skin. The inserted color penetrates to the layer of papillary. The micropigmentation process is also popular as a permanent make up for the cosmetic enhancement. The Asian method of enhancement is applied to lips and eyebrows primarily. The penetration of the needle is minute and the whole treatment is carried out for two successive five week sessions. Micropigmentation is a modern day form of tattooing and many people can learn it at the Hollywood Makeup School. It is a safe and natural enhancement routine. Colored pigments are ... Read More »

How To Find Cheap Travel Deals Online

If you are planning to go out for holidays then you can have a look on different cheap travel deals which are widely available online on websites like: If you want to book your holiday online then there are many different ways to go about finding them. I am sure many of us know what it feels like to think we have found a bargain holiday at a discount, only to find our mate found it on another site cheaper. The main thing to be aware of is added compulsory charges at the end just before payment, and to ... Read More »