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This is about heylo which is a cute, light and fashionable device that works alongside a free app. It is the brainchild of young creative techies who came up with a product that changes how people communicate. They made it in such a way that you will be able to connect with people you are looking for using trust metrics, ratings, and other factors. The device can be used as a key holder or accessory. Heylo allows you to connect with not only an old friend but a new one too. The founders are in the pre-launch stage and there ... Read More »

Flying John – The latest Flappy Bird replacement!

The game Flappy bird was an instant hit with both iOS and Android users all over the world as it clocked millions of downloads within a short span of its launch. But all of a sudden, the game was discontinued. This provided a window of opportunity to other game developers to cash in and release games that were a poor rip off of the original game. Fans of Flappy bird were eagerly waiting for someone to come with a game that could offer the same experience as the original game. The long wait for them is now over thanks to ... Read More »


Slapstache is delicate, smart, and additively slappy! Everybody grins and giggles when they first slap it on their wrist! However that is not the entire story… Slapstache began as a fun thought and rapidly sprung vigorously to turn into a Mustache determined to help kids, families, creatures, and situations in need. They do not just give 50 pennies for every Slapstache to philanthropies, we additionally give blessings and nourishment throughout the Christmas season, volunteer, and by and large attempt to spread the adoration! Slapstache empowers organizations to effectively help their most loved reason while promoting the business. Slapstache could be ... Read More »

Beauty Enhancements is a portal that provides information on different types of piercings, the history of piercing and tips for different piercings to reduce the pain involved. The site is pretty awesome and presents information in a straightforward manner such that the information is easy to navigate and comprehend or to leave your thoughts and suggestions. The page talks about nose, tongue, navel, ear, belly, eyebrow, cartilage, labret and body piercings and which ones are the most common, the toughest, the most delicate or sensitive (According to and how the piercings are done, the equipment used and recommendations to make ... Read More »

Legacy Stories

Sometime, we, humans, feel to express and share our affection, love, memories as well as pain and thoughts. Some prefer to create a personal blog, others to write notes in a journal, keep a photo album and so on. Today, I discovered a wonderful resource: Legacy Stories. Thru their portal you can save your memories, basically. You can share your story, your beloved photos and much more. After all, it’s a fabulous thing if we think about it a bit deeper. Our mission is educate, motivate and activate people to rescue their highest priority recorded and living memories before they ... Read More »


Statistics is a relatively hard subject to study as many may attest to Acadsoc statistics tutors. However, with more individualized teaching one is able to improve on their competency and adequacy. This is what acadsoc does. They are an online teaching company that offers quality teaching by helping bridge the gap between students and tutors. Upon visiting their website, one is graced by three tabs namely; Learn, Find Students and Teach. By clicking on either of the tabs, one is able to be able to learn or teach what is otherwise considered as a complex subject in a simple and ... Read More »