Thursday , 5 August 2021
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Black: Anonymous. P2P. VoIP.

Have you ever wanted to randomly connect with someone you don’t know personally and have the opportunity to talk, flirt, chat with guaranteed anonymity!? Humans are social people but at times, because of various reasons (in my case – time) we can’t just have what we wish for. We can’t go out as often, we can’t spend as much time as we’d like with someone and so forth. Imagine the limitless possibilities of being able to share thoughts, feelings, secrets and everything else with no judgment. Just spending time comfortably, the burden of privacy and anonymity nonexistent, with talking and ... Read More »

Somewhere to stay in Jervis

This a specialist hotel booking site featuring accommodation from the Jervis bay area of New South Wales, Australia. This site gives you all what niche accommodation sites are best at. Booking a hotel in larger sites can be overwhelming with all the destinations to choose from. Furthermore, smaller sites give you just what you are looking for, with more local information and travel tips. This site has a lovely layout with awesome photos of each hotel. Clicking on the main link leads directly to each hotel review. The site has excellent and detailed information on each property so you won’t ... Read More »

How to Beat The Casinos?

How to Beat The Casinos offers all the information you need on online casinos and games. Whether you are new to online gaming or a seasoned pro looking for the best deals in gaming, this is the site for you. The site basically helps you to learn games like roulette, blackjack, online slot machines etc. Based on the content they offer you’ll be better skilled when playing those games. The main page is well organised, with every link to several categories of content easy to navigate. All the pages of the site feature photos and screen shots of games, making ... Read More »

Flying E-Bicycles

Flying E-Bicycles now has new eBicycles. For those enthusiasts who like bicycles riding and flying ultralights, they have something good for you. They have released the New Green Electric Flying eBicycles. These are recumbent 3 wheeled trike bicycles. They feature electric assist, body shell and a flight wing that is able to fold up to 4 feet wide enabling you to go down lanes & trails. The flight wing comes with two 150cc equal electric motors for flight. Not only is quiet but also very safe to fly. Owing to the fact that it is an eBicycle as well as ... Read More »

Livegoal Center

Football is a very interesting game and it’s in fact the most popular game in the world as it has fans from all over the world. This explains why the world cup apart from the Olympics is the most awaited sports events in the world. Most people purchase big screen TV and some bosses are even kind enough to allow people to go home early as long as they have done their job. Most countries have numerous teams which play at home and at regional and international levels. For most men, seeing football games is almost a matter of life ... Read More »

Mega Justo – Press release

Our service is yet to be launched. Tomorrow we launch. here is the link we provide for testers. 1,000,000 free entry for app could be found in Google play store for Mega Justo. Description of the service: We are ready to launch the World’s First Social Sports Bracket Contest around the Globe using bitcoin. We aim to achieve two goals with the service: 1) world-wide participation of the contest, and 2) provision of complete transparency and fairness. The first goal can be achieved by using bitcoin, of winner of the contest could claim their prize in their own currency. ... Read More »