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Who is The Holy Ghost Writer?

There is a contest that is currently going on about naming the Holy Ghost writer. The first person to name this author is sure to receive a prize worth $5000. Those who want to try naming this author can find relevant identification clues from; which is the Amazon page of the author. Clues such as; the author is the successor of Alexander Dumas, the new stieg Larsson, the author played with Dark matter and the author is the next Bradbury. Those who want to attempt this completion can get these clues and others from the named page to aid ... Read More »

Pixioo Photography

Photography is the art and technique that make lasting images using cameras by projecting images and capturing them.  To capture and save the image, cameras used film for sensitive analog photography, while in digital photography, CCD, CMOS digital memories and sensors are used. Pixioo Photography is a site that includes several individuals who have love for wedding photography. This site is formed on the basis that the love story of each and every person who is going to wed is beautiful, hence the need to create beautiful moments of two people during the wedding days through photography. The photos taken ... Read More »

True 2 You Radio – Always be true to you

Browsing the Internet, yesterday I found a great website, True 2 You Radio. They’re a radio network providing stories and ideas from some of today’s most exceptional thought leaders. They broadcast online, so listening True 2 You Radio it’s easier than the old days. They also have several live call in shows! We are a collaborative radio network dedicated to bringing you inspirational stories and ideas from some of today’s most exceptional thought leaders. Our network is suitable for all audience ages and focuses on authentic, life giving information and entertainment. True 2 You Radio network is suitable for all ... Read More » Glen Gonzalez

Many people in the U.S. who live in areas with oil drilling have mixed feelings about the consequences of an oil boom. However, one thing that is certainly not a matter of debate is the fact that an oil boom creates new jobs. In a community that has few resources for economic growth, the oil industry can be a lifesaver. Glen Gonzalez is an example of just one investor who has helped provide real economic growth through starting up an oil company. Texas has seen remarkable growth due to new drilling technology and a job market that produces high-paying jobs. ... Read More »

Bahraini Forum site

This is a Bahraini Forum site. The site has been in operation for more than 8 years. The aim of this site is to provide crucial information for all those people who tour Bahraini. Examples of types of information that a tourist who is planning to go to Bahrain gets includes jeweler shops, five stars hotels, appointment and reservation of smart cards. Tourists are also able to access information on operations that are taking place in all places within Bahrai such as Bab Albahrain, trade center Bahrain and Manama Bahrain Bazah. A Bahraini forums since 2005 include vital information for ... Read More »

Phillip Presswood and his upcoming album, “Beauty for Ashes”!

Phillip Presswood and his upcoming album, “Beauty for Ashes” is reminiscent of Enya, but works on a higher pop level than traditional new-age Celtic music. This artist has an Irish and English background, and a Brit Pop sound can be heard interspersed through layers of vocals. Phillip chooses to record each voice individually, layering himself anywhere from 30-300 times per track, which creates quite an interesting sound; his voice is clear and direct, yet has a softness and huge range that works well for this kind of music. This is not the kind of music to be relegated to elevators, ... Read More »