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PsychoNauts – Between Games and Science lies Obsession

  PsychoNauts website provides an in depth review of Valkyria (current featured game), a PS3 game introduced in 2008, and a shooter game that was introduced for PC in 2014. It not only provides a review of the game, by those who have expertise in gaming, it also provides an in depth description of how the game is played, how to excel, and how to defeat your opponents while gaming. The site also delves in to teaching players about the story behind the game, different modes of game play, and how to make the most out of their characters. The site ... Read More »

How To Create your Own ChatBot allows users to create their own chatbot, allowing them to use it on their site for a variety of services. The site teaches users how to create a chatbot for marketing and teaching purposes. If customers visit your site, the chatbot can answer questions or guide them through different areas of the site. This service help prople to create personal chatbot easily and free. Chatbots can also be used to promote a service or a product for businesses. At, not only will you learn how to create your own chatbot, but also the different ways to use them. And, ... Read More »

Alice flee Wonderland but would she be able to escape Zombieland?

Tapslayer – Alice in Zombieland is a defense shooting game which you can enjoy the merciless multiple kills of zombies by simple tapping. You can upgrade your epic weapons to defeat the stronger enemies at different stages and compete with other players! Key Features: Free to play! Various unique epic weapons to kill crazy zombies! (Weapon Upgrade System) Infinite wave mode to compete with other players Battle in a variety of challenging maps Compete with other players to leave your name in Hall of Fame How to play: Tap the screen to shoot Drag to use special skills with using ... Read More »

Mudblood and The Book of Spells

Mudblood and the Book of Spells is a Harry Potter fan film being made in the UK. The project is being funded by Kickstarter and so we need help promoting it. We have a cast of over 100 (including an actor from Game of Thrones). We join Charlie, a young muggle born Wizard, as he embarks on an adventure that will change him forever. After being unfairly condemned and imprisoned by the Ministry for crimes he did not commit, Charlie taps into a power deep inside himself and manages to break free. Now a fugitive, he is befriended by a ... Read More »

Novels by J. Brown

‘s no secret that reading is good for you. Just six minutes of reading is enough to reduce stress by 68%, and numerous studies have shown that reading keeps your brain functioning effectively as you age. One study even found that elderly individuals who read regularly are 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s than their peers. But not all forms of reading are created equal. Recently I’ve come across Imagine your best friend was administered a drug that you had taken. Both of you perfectly healthy and she died. Then your next door neighbor was given the same drug and he died. Deaths begin to multiply. What ... Read More »

Smartphone Bike & Motorcycle Mount

When we think of navigating with our GPS we usually envision Miss Moneypenny (or whatever the voice du jour is) calling out street names to us in our car. But as we all know, it’s just as easy to get lost while riding a bicycle as it is in our vehicle. And with more and more of us opting for the greener solution to transportation, it only makes sense to to have a handy device from which you mount your GPS navigator (or your smartphone or music player) on your handlebars. After all, pulling that device out of your backpack ... Read More »