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American Fashion Podcast is smart, funny, and entertaining

What’s the best thing a fashionista can load onto her iPod for a long commute or a quiet day at the office? The American Fashion Podcast is a smart, funny, and entertaining new show hosted by three veteran fashion editors. It features interviews and news from the heart of the Made In USA fashion scene, Manufacture New York. Fashion Media Center Executive Director Charles Beckwith brought together a dynamic team for this show, and the hosts and guests share deep insights into the fashion industry’s mechanics and psyche on a weekly basis. The website is nice and clean, easy to ... Read More »

B.Rocke Landscaping (Winnipeg)

B.Rocke Landscaping (Winnipeg) is a landscape design & build company which has been in business since 2001. They offer custom landscaping design and build solutions for all areas within about a 100km of Winnipeg. Before you hire them, you need to go through few main steps: Initial landscape consulting  (gathering landscaping ideas from potential clients) Developing the first draft of landscape design with their 3D landscape design software. Revising of their landscape design proposal with intention fit client tastes and budget Construction You can contact them at (204) 999-2512. Highly recommended! Read More »

For Today’s Retailers, a Better Way to Market Products

Many retailers today focus their attention on getting customers to enter their stores. Unfortunately these retailers have fallen into the trap of thinking that getting a customer into the store is the end of the job. In reality, there is still much more work to do, as getting a customer to buy products once she is inside the store is a very important task. The good news for retailers is that modern marketing solutions make this process easier than ever. Companies like the one found at provide businesses with a system that can allow them to create the sort ... Read More »

Losslessly convert DRM protected iTunes Movies and TV shows to plain MP4

Sometimes you need a piece of software to do one simple thing, and you need it to do it well. That’s exactly what M4VGear DRM Media Converter does. It simply takes DRM videos downloaded from iTunes and makes them DRM-free. So if you are having a problem playing any DRM content for one reason or another, M4VGear can make it DRM free without any loss in quality. Why Would You Remove The DRM? Quite simply, iTunes movies cannot be played everywhere. Even after purchasing movies from the iTunes Store, you are limited in the ways in which you can enjoy them. ... Read More »

Made to Measure Utility Kilts

Scottish Kilt are specialized in creating custom made modern utility kilts for both men and women. Like the kilt makers of old, they handcraft our kilts from the finest of materials.  They custom create each kilt according to the specifications of our customers. They can produce a luxury quality utility kilt within 3 to 5 days and can ship our products right to your door, so that you can get an authentic utility kilt that is truly made just for you. Utility casual kilts are specifically designed to achieve best and comfort fitting during the rough and tough jobs. these are tough Utility ... Read More »

Export Used Car from Europe to Africa

Autoexportschwiiz is the biggest dealer and exporter of used car from Europe to Africa and Asia. We buy all type of old car either it is just a private car or car with accident. We understand and know almost all Brand and well known for their quality, image and fair price. If you want to buy a vehicle from Switzerland for your own use or export it outside the country than we are the person to contact to. Besides we are also in search for a new co-investor or Agent in many countries. If you want to gain more info , ... Read More »