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An Informed Business is a Successful Business

If you are in the business world, whether you are an entrepreneur on the verge of a great breakthrough or a company that has been established for years, you know that it is a competitive economy. You need to be in the know about the latest trends, your consumer base, and how well you are going to be received in the market. With the help of a market research agency like Redshift Research, you can have the edge that will help you to boldly move forward. Success isn’t a Guessing Game Turn to a top notch team of research professionals ... Read More »

Be Up to Date on Health & Safety and Employee Law

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to your staff. Whether you run a small, independent company or you are a part of a major corporation, your employees are the wheels that keep the machine running. Without them, you would be nowhere. That is why it is essential that you are aware of all of your obligations. You need the services of a consultant team that can keep you abreast of legislation and compliance. With a company like Lighthouse Risk Services, you will be in the know when it comes to running a safe place of business, being aware ... Read More »

Leak Free claims “There Won’t Be Blood”

Kickstarter is an independent company based in Brooklyn and its mission is to bring creative projects to life. A web page on their website, is dedicated to one of these projects, entitled “The Panty That Saves”. Created by Padkix Design Lab in Los Angeles, the Leak Free menstrual panty project combines functionality and charity, because when a Leak Free panty is purchased, a girl in an under-developed country gets one too, but free of charge. This project will only be funded if a minimum of $10,000 is pledged by Sunday, November 16th, 2014, its deadline. As of this writing, ... Read More »

Passbook coupons replacing printable coupons

Passbook coupons on bargainez is a cutting-edge yet easy to use coupon platform specifically designed to make it easier for businesses and brands to distribute exclusive online and in-store coupons, including Passbook coupons, to select customers only. A more convenient alternative to traditional printable coupons, Passbook coupons can be added to iPod and iPhone touch devices through iCloud for Mountain Lion users, while other users can have the service sent to their smartphones via email. Stores and brands that have Passbook enabled coupons on this website include Kohl’s, Best Buy, Champion, DSW, Abercrombie & Fitch, Yankee Candle, Adidas, Shoe Carnival, Macy’s ... Read More »

Private, Ad-Free, Closed Social Network for Every Group to Which You Belong

A Kickstarter project initiated by Eugene Williams. The project is looking for support in the purpose of gathering funds which will be used to further develop an online non-profit social media platform – grplife. grplife is all about a sense of community, safety and privacy within a new social networking platform that offers groups, work teams, school classes, churches, families or different types of organizations the opportunity to communicate or share events and documents online, in a private invitation-only closed group. An extra great feature is represented by the promise of total personal data protection and add-free experience. grplife’s Kickstarter ... Read More »

Make $45,921 With Cell Phones from Home

This site offers you the unique opportunity to make some serious extra cash online, without any major efforts. Once accessed, the site will allow you to watch an introduction video. Limited free trial spots are available and the number of real time visitors is displayed on the website’s upper left segment. You can receive your instant free access by confirming your email address and you can go from there and see if this business proposal interests you. You are more than welcome to visit this site if you’re looking for fast solutions to your money issues or if you’re thinking ... Read More »