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Business Products & Services

The I Tech Craft company

Offering top of the line IT solutions, the I Tech Craft company has worked tirelessly over the years to revolutionize how they work with business and clientele through software and innovation. This innovative company has come up with the right systems to help your business with customer relationship management. They have software that can do everything from tracking leads to working with existent clients. Following up with clients is also done usually much easier when using this company‘s software. They can work with you in such a unique way that your business will continue to grow in a big way. ... Read More »

A Light, Fast and Affordable PDF Editor

  PDF-Pro 5.1 is a unique online PDF editor. It’s super light and fast to use. It has some amazing tools that you could use to actually edit any type of PDF that you may want to edit. It has page organizers, bath consoles, painters and editors, and other cool tools to help make sure that you become a PDF editing machine. One of the newest functions in this specific version is the drawing and underlining feature to make your PDF stand out beautifully. It truly highlights the beauty of your PDF. You can highlight and design anything with ease. PDF-Pro ... Read More »

A Different Perspective

An Opened Mind is a blog that looks at social issues, politics, world problems, the economy, and current events through a different lens. An Opened Mind focuses on solutions that are good for all of humankind, not just good for the few. It looks to bring attention to some of the problem’s facing the world today in order to start discussions and spread awareness. All perspectives are welcome at An Opened Mind as it promotes educated discussions between differing opinions. Read More »

Find Thousands Of Free eBooks

The Free eBooks website is very unique because it takes you to the next level by offering you unique access to some of the world’s most amazing eBooks. If you ever want find an eBook that fits into your lifestyle and is one you’ll enjoy, then this is the thing you need to check out. We developed a program which goes through all the free eBooks on Amazon, Nook and Kobo to find all the new free eBooks. We have plans to add more sources. Especially helpful is our newsletter. You can sign up to receive daily updates of all the ... Read More »

Accelerate Your Abundance Beyond ‘Think and Grow Rich’

Accelerate Your Abundance is more than just your typical money blog with tips to invest in the stock market and ways to make more money. The site is a place of learning how to make more in your lifetime. Whether it’s learning how to invest your money in the right places or making the right choices in your financial life, this site has all the great information that can take your life to a new level. This site has a list of unique books, training programs, and all kinds of information you could use to change your financial life. Knowing ... Read More »