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Portland Movers

Finding a reliable and trusted mover company to help in your transportation and moving is usually challenging for most people. Though, good news is that anyone living in Portland and its surroundings can enjoy the incredible services provided by Northwest Movers Company. Located at 3601 SM River Pkwy or 97219 Southwest Portland, this company serves the whole of Portland and the surrounding areas. Northwest Movers provide high quality services to local and long-distance moves, which cover both residential and commercial clients at really affordable rates. Licensed and Insured, ODOT # 183651. Northwest Movers is a Portland based moving company. Our ... Read More »

Delta Particle – The new Artificial Intelligence startup juggernaut

While there are a lot of websites that usually deal with software, you can be sure that this is a Delta Particle different website because of what it can offer. It seems to be a pretty smart site with its main objective available to be seen immediately the moment that you click on it. They believe in the power of cognitive and artificial intelligence infused together in order to create revolutionary web and mobile applications that may have never been seen before. We create software that is Artificially Intelligent and provide Software as a Service to our clients. We apply ... Read More »

All Garage Doors Repair is the official website for All Garage Doors Repair, a garage door repair company based in California. The design is simple and elegant, which gives a very modest and homely feel to the website. The content is very detailed and well written. It covers the company’s history, achievements, goals and services provided. I loved the details and the elaboration! Our friendly staff is committed to providing you with a solution to any issue you may encounter. Our goal is to deliver quality work and turn customers into lifelong clients. The branches of the company have been divided into two ... Read More »


Somethingtome is a lottery site and I’m not joking. This site indulges in lottery, although it may be mistaken for being any other online shopping and exchange site at first glance. It has a very unique feature to it which can attract a lot of customers. Since it is a commercial site, it’s design is very important, and this site is awesome in that area. One of the strong points of this website is its content. Any layman who knows how to read will understand what the site is for and how it works without having to take any help from ... Read More »

Merging Accounts In Salesforce – How To Do It

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM software programs for small businesses. Intuitive, easy to use and fairly affordable, it can help a sales team improve the overall performance of the company by keeping track of all customers in an effective and focused manner. However, there are several things that are a bit more complicated, so users could use some guidance in performing these operations. For instance, merging accounts in Salesforce isn’t as intuitive as it seems at a glance. You need to be careful with the way you organize your information in order to avoid losing valuable data. ... Read More »

Top Samsung Note 5 cases

Shockingly, my cheapo Samsung Galaxy Note 5 case that I bought from the sketchy guy under the stairs at the bus station for $1 didn’t last more than a week. I’m not sure why I constantly opt for the cheapo version of everything, only to eventually be disappointed when it doesn’t perform as adverstised. Enough about my shortcomings though, I’ll skip to the part that will help you find a good note 5 case. All it took was a little research for top samsung note 5 cases and I actually got way more than I bargained for. I stumbled upon ... Read More »