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Advanced Jets

Advanced Jets offers Jet Cards booking newer aircraft at lower prices. Advanced Jets books third party safety audited aircraft. Advanced Jets is a Wyvern Safety Standard Company. Our access to private jets includes 3,200 aircraft in North America and over 10,000 aircraft globally. Jet cards provide 24/7 access to your private jet. All types of private jets and multiple private jet types per jet card are available in North America and Western Europe. is nicely designed, filled with a lot of quality content and it’s very intuitive for it’s users. The website works well on any resolution and in ... Read More »

Essential Technology For The Modern Office

With an ever-evolving technological landscape, it may seem hard to keep up with the constant change when it comes to your business.  Small businesses struggle with high price tags on new forms of technology, while big businesses sometimes are uncertain which type of technology to invest in for their workforce.  There is still quite a sizable digital divide in America today, and if you expect to be taken seriously, there are a few items you need to invest in for your business. Wireless Networking Laptops with a secure wireless network allow for a great deal of freedom in the workplace.  ... Read More »

Six Ways To Absorb More Information At Your Next Conference

If you often find yourself attending professional conferences, chances are you’ve sometimes wondered if they were truly worth your time. While the content and presenters certainly play a role in the efficacy of any conference, here are six smart steps you can take to absorb more useful information and maximize the benefits of attending. Download the event app beforehand Many professional development organizations are creating their own apps these days to increase attendance and share information about upcoming events. By downloading the app a few days prior to the conference, you’ll get an inside look into what you should expect ... Read More »

Reconstructing the Oil Industry with Quality Mat Rig Mats

Years ago, in order to access a worksite, oil companies would use rocks and gravel to cover a site before they began drilling. This would provide the workers with easier access to the drilling site, but it also came with some drawbacks, including the high cost of materials that could only be used once. Thankfully, Quality Mat sells rig mats than can be used in place of expensive rocks and gravel. Using gravel limits the time that workers can drill. For example, when it is raining or snowing the gravel and rock base will become unstable and unreliable. With rig ... Read More »

Dealing with Conflict in the Office

Dealing with conflict is never easy, but if you allow yourself to become worked up, it’s going to be hard to make clear and sensible decisions. It’s all about controlling your temper and exercising emotional intelligence. If you have a grievance, try to air it sensitively and think about the kind of effect your criticism might have on the recipient. You should always speak to a co-worker as you would like to be spoken to. It seems like common sense, but common sense all too easily goes out the window in stressful situations. Remember, the most important skills for a ... Read More »

Shoplifting Schemes That Are Especially Damaging To A Business

Putting up a business requires patience, effort and most of all money. In fact, putting up a business is expensive and it is an investment you have to care for meticulously. In order for you to stay in business and get back the money that has been invested, profits have to be made each day. This is why protecting your business from shoplifters is essential as they can affect the profits you can earn. Shoplifting is a common problem for all businesses and this is why many business owners apply different shoplifting preventive measures to avoid losses. Aside from security ... Read More »