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What’s Your Company’s DNA?

Core values define your company like your DNA defines you. You business will change but your core values will remain the same. Your core values will impact the very being of your company. It will influence your  decision making process, your corporate culture, and your interactions with your customers and your employees. Never allow your core values to be empty words. Many banks list “integrity” as a corporate value. The financial system meltdown taught us that core values don’t always reflect reality. In a perfect world, core values define the essence of your business. The beauty of core values is ... Read More »

Mumbai, With Love: The Story of a Start-Up

What happens when a group of young individuals with a hope to make the slightest of difference come together? Add to this a shared love for entertainment and being heard. Mumbai Talkies is a result of one such mixtures. Started by a team of seven people, it is an online blog and television show which tries to put together all things Mumbai and its culture with a little bit more from everywhere else. It screams of popular culture, creating a BuzzFeed like aura and also bringing in regular online episodes featuring fascinating things and even better people from the Maximum ... Read More »

Tracking the Progress of a Project

Generally, a busy office has several items and tools that help keep the business running in an organized fashion. One example of an organizational tool is a whiteboard. Take a look at some of the most popular ways whiteboards are used in a bustling office environment. Coordinating Employee Schedules Many office managers utilize their whiteboards to keep track of the schedules of employees. An office manager may use a whiteboard to post the vacation times of employees or perhaps it’s used to show when an employee is out sick. A whiteboard is a tool that can communicate information to all ... Read More »

Computer repair services in Lakeland, FL

The website offers computer repair services. Apart from computer repair services the users of the website can also access smartphone repair services in making use of the website. The company offers affordable computer repair services in Lakeland, FL area. The company is able to offer computer repair of different types. It deals with both laptops and desktops. The website is designed in such a way that it is very easy for those who will like to access information from the website to access what they will like to know easily. There is a section of question and answer where potential ... Read More »

Campie BV

Campie BV is a Dutch key copying company that articulates the progressive need to fully satisfy its clients order with high quality key copying services. Located in Breda Campie BV (sleutel bijmaken) guarantees that you will never have to feel limited with your key numbers as they are able to offer their clients with a range of key copying services on various types of keys (sleutel bijmaken). Benefits of hiring key copying services at Campie BV include: 1. Price. Campie BV has profiled an affordable pricing rate that is highly appealing to majority consumers. They do not look to explore ... Read More »

Test your website or mobile app and provide an objective review for $5!

Often, application developers create an app and before it is ready for release they need an expert to share their opinion about the various aspects of the app. People might think this is an expensive process, however, that’s not right. Take a look on this GIG on Fiverr: I will test your website or mobile app and provide an objective review So, for only $5, you’ll be provided with a high level exploratory review of a single website or mobile app (iOS or Android). You will receive an honest objective evaluation (including actionable feedback ) of: – Navigation & Information ... Read More »