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How Display Advertising Has Evolved Over Time

Digital advertising has seen massive shifts that have caused ripples throughout the internet, and digital advertising ripples have been happening since the nineties. Before you start looking for programmatic advertising solutions from companies like PRGRMTK, here is a brief history of the evolution of display advertising in the order it occurred. Advertisers bought from publishers There was an advertiser (or an agency that represented an advertiser), and they used to buy advertising space from web masters that we will call publishers. Initially, the buying and selling of ad space was direct, and advertisers used to buy impressions that were bought ... Read More »

Guest posting is dead and can harm your website

Some of you are aware that Google has penalized guest posting. Despite the fact that Matt Cutts clearly stated two or three times Google’s opinion about guest posting, people continued to do it. MOZ specialists, on their forums, were vouching for this method of getting back-links as being one of the best. Yeah, it’s true, guest posting was one of most used link building techniques in the 2-3 years. Almost every one who ever accepted a contributor on his blog must of been got spammy e-mails from various “SEO-ers” (quote used with purpose…) all of them containing the same spam: ... Read More »

5 Things You Need to Consider About Roller Banner Design

Roller banners and pop up banners are particularly useful as marketing materials because of their versatility, economical cost, and the convenience of being able to pack them up and take them wherever you need to promote your business or product, whether that is at a trade show or in the shop. But some banners naturally work better than others. You can do a lot to make sure that a pop up banner is successful. Putting thought into the design of the banner and its message ensures the banner works for its purpose and draws attention in a positive way to ... Read More »

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Should Your Promotional Items be Funny or Useful?

What’s more memorable: a monogrammed pen or an oversized pencil? The pen is useful, and will be used quite a bit more than the oversized pencil, but the pencil is funny. So, which has the longer lasting effect on potential customers: a useful product or a humorous one? Humor Improves Brand Recognition If you ask Mark Levitt, a writer for, he’ll tell you people pay more attention to things that are funny, which opens them up to influence. “Audiences like to be entertained, but not pitched.” This makes a product memorable, especially in terms of brand recognition. Despite this ... Read More »

Top 5 business web directories

They allow webmasters to submit their sites for inclusion, with human editors reviewing submissions for appropriateness. When a website gets submitted to a web directory, a human editor checks the website for different qualities and parameters, including website quality, category selected, content and more If the website matches various parameters, it is listed in the directory under the most appropriate category by the editor. Importance of Submitting Your Website Your Website to Directories Ensuring that your website is listed with the best web directories is extremely important, as many people can see these listings. Major search engines are also more ... Read More »