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5 Top Reasons why PPC Campaigns Fail and How to Optimize it

PPC advertising is the cornerstone marketing strategy for online businesses these days. A rightly optimized PPC ad is equivalent to a pot of digital marketing gold. You win more traffic, leads, and conversions than any other form of digital advertising. However, it’s only a heavy-hitter for your digital marketing if you do it the right way. To put PPC ads in perspective for digital marketers, in particular, and businesses, at large, GoodFirms research team conducted a survey of 200+ PPC agencies and experts, globally. The basic idea was to identify the best practices, tips, and guides for PPC Ad Campaign ... Read More »

Getting Started with Email Marketing: Steps You Need to Take to Increase Your Success Rate

Email marketing is one of the leading marketing channels used by savvy marketers and business owners to drive sales and increase conversions. The strategy has been around for a while, yet remains one of the most effective and measurable marketing strategies today. Email marketing is also one of the leading cost-effective strategies out there. In short, email marketing is basically the single most powerful channel to reach your audience. So, if you’re just launching out your business, you may want to adopt this email marketing guide as one of your marketing strategies. Studies have shown that there are 3 times ... Read More »

The benefits of creating personalized business products

It is natural for people to love their names more than any other name in the world. It also explains why people sharing the same name tend to bond better than with others. Marketing strategists have taken advantage of this quality by creating personalized business products. Imagine, if you have a Coke bottle having your name on it, would you not prefer to have that drink instead of the hundreds of other beverages available on the departmental store shelf? This is true even for the world of small businesses as well where you possibly get a small window of opportunity ... Read More »

Reaching Customers is Easy, But Delivering the Right Message is Getting Harder

The digital space is full of noise from tv adverts, Google adverts, social media adverts & emails. All of these advertisements are trying to target you using the cookies collected from your online browsing. Many of these online efforts with general messages end up as nothing more than an annoyance and an eye sore to consumers browsing the internet or their social media because it’s almost impossible for them to address specific issues or problems facing a customer. For years, we have been bombarded with generic sales messages & brand information which has accumulated to make noise. The digital space ... Read More »

5 Blogger Outreach Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Blogger outreach practice offers multiple benefits in digital marketing. To establish your firm as a brand, it is important to improve your credibility and gain the trust of customers. This is possible only if your firm gets cited by trusted sources. Getting cited by trusted firms will not only give better exposure to your business, but will also strengthen the customer base. Apart from this, if you consider SEO, outreach works as a significant element for building reliable backlinks. A strong and proficient outreach strategy consists of everything from choosing sites with proper domain authority to genuine ratings. To maintain ... Read More »

You Deserve a Top Shelf Official Website for Your Austin Business

Are you a new business owner in the Austin area? If you are just getting started, one of the very first things you will need is a website. Once you have a presence on the world wide web, you can use it to draw in an audience of interested visitors and potential customers. Of course, the site you put up needs to feature all of the latest modern e-commerce technology, such as a web store and shopping cart. This is the design model that customers interested in your business will expect to see. What Features Should Be Included in Your ... Read More »