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CardFi – world’s first iBeacon Business Card

CardFi – world’s first iBeacon Business Card

10672061_764572650289955_4416968024260584964_niBeacon Business Card have been making some huge gains in popularity over the recent years. Most of these cards are available in the shades of silver and gold with spot color inks printed on the surface. iBeacon Business Card are often produced using stainless steel, aluminum or copper.

There are numerous iBeacon Business Card printing companies which offer custom options for very basic to the extravagant. There are very limited companies in the US who specialize in the metal cards. But you can find better pricing and more options from metal business card manufacturers in China. Also numerous print brokers in the US will market iBeacon Business Card which are produced overseas.

The main things which you need to consider while purchasing iBeacon Business Card are the thickness, the materials, the price as well as the ability to customize your cards.

Prices of iBeacon Business Card are becoming more competitive each year while purchasing from overseas or direct from a reseller.

Custom options including the ability to die cut frames and logos are a huge bonus. Most business cards are already produced with “safe” rounded corners and dull edges so that it may not harm the individual using it. Obviously no one wants their cards to be potentially dangerous.

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