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Bunion Surgery Considerations

Before deciding on any type of bunion surgery technique, it’s very important to make a determination on the shape as well as the position of the joint of the big toe.

As you might expect with a healthy big toe, so too is the cartlidge itself in a healthy condition. With a big toe and its cartlidge in a healthy condition, the toe has a moving up and down range of about 45. It goes without saying, that this is certainly not the case with a deformed bunion impacted big toe joint.

So, the two big concern this when thinking about bunion surgery as well as recovering from bunion surgery, are the alignment of the big toe joint and the condition of the cartlidge itself.

As the foot deformity progresses so does the wear and tear on the joint itself. In fact so much so that the cartlidge itself erodes, and the joint surface itself flattens. When this happens, the range of motion is greatly impacted.

In fact, in extreme cases, the range of motion can approach little to none and the big toe has become completely rigid.

Even though in this scenario, the person may not eat experiencing a great deal of pain because there is no range of motion left to induce any pain; there will probably be a significant loss of actual physical mobility.

When it comes to bunion surgery recovery itself, there must be a complete evaluation by the surgeon to determine the condition of the joint of the big toe; so that they can then ultimately decide which bunion surgery technique best fits the individual situation.

Obviously, and extremely damaged big toe joint a completely different type of bunion surgery than one which presents only a mild or minor deviation of the big toe joint.

So in the end, each patients particular situation is quite unique regarding not only the type of bunion surgery required, but also, the length of time needed for recovery from bunion surgery.

Only after a complete evaluation by your podiatrist or foot surgeon, will you be able to determine the answers to these.

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