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Botanical White will brighten all Smiles

Everyone has always dreamed of having pearly white teeth for enhancing the smile. This is now a reality with Botanical White. The kit for whitening your teeth is totally peroxide free. It is always recommended to consult with your dentist before trying something new.

No matter what your teeth look like now everyone can make them up to 11 shades whiter when using the product. Usually teeth get stained over time because of the foods and bad habits that people do. Botanical White is able to remove these stains with the ingredients the kit is made from.

The only legal way anyone can use carbamide peroxide is at the dentists office. When this is used for whiting teeth people have been known to experience a discomfort, pain, and even sensitivity. A Botanical White kit will not have any of these side effects when being used. It will however help the gums in fighting any infections from bacteria.

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