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Blog Traffic Tips: 20 Ways To Attract Followers

Blog Traffic Tips: 20 Ways To Attract Followers

Follow these simple blog traffic tips, and you will have a loyal following of readers!

Create interesting content.

1. Be unique. This is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your content.

2. Post frequently. Post at least once a day in the beginning. It is vital to show your visitors that your blog is a constant stream of interesting information. They should leave knowing they will be missing out if they do not come back.

3. Be consistent. Once your blog is established you don’t have to post as often, but you shouldn’t drop below 3 times per week. Consistency is key in frequency and in voice.

4. Show your humanity. Whether you are blogging about politics, recipes, business, or horseshoe variations, you don not have to be afraid to share who you are as well. People may be interested in your content, but they will be loyal to you.

5. Post pictures, videos, and links. Not that you have to have a link in every sentence, or even every post, but when properly used, these elements will fill-out a blog. As an added bonus, they’ll increase your SEO (search engine optimization). As a beginning blogger, don’t plan to get much traffic from search engines, but as you build up your base and learn other SEO tricks, you’ll move up the listings.

Create a community.

2. Encourage comments. Newbies judge a blog as much by the amount of comments as by the actual content, if not more. Think about what you look for when you go to a new blog. So make sure there are comments! Engage your readers. Always ask questions. And if you want some extra insurance, talk your non-blogging friends into adding comments. No one will know the difference.

3. Host a contest. Reward your loyal followers and gain some new ones by offering a contest related to your theme. This is especially helpful if you have a product you’d like to promote. Promotional giveaway of your first book, anyone?

3. Host a contest. Once you’ve started to create your community, reward them by having a contest. Give away anything blog-related. Add a copy of your first book for the winner and some promotional keychains for all participants, and you’ll be getting the word out all over the place.

5. Use social networking. Take advantage of Twitter and Facebook for instant updates on blog activities.

Establish your credibility as a knowledge source.

1. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn Answers.

2. Get involved in online communities and forums.

4. Create a Squidoo lens. Share your knowledge via Squidoo to hook them in, and link back to your best blog posts (a couple blog posts) to keep them coming back for more.

5. Publish an ebook. Once you’ve amassed a solid stock of blogging material, create a book. With easy online, self-publishing options, this is an easy tactic to increase your standing as an expert and your revenue.

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Promote your blog in the “real world.” Offline promotion can be a useful tool, and when strategically employed, it can give you a great advantage.

1. Enlist your friends. Whatever you blog about make sure they know to casually mention your url whenever the subject comes up. “You’re interested in raising exotic animals? Well, there’s this great blog…”

2. Find your niche in their offline hangout. Is your blog political? Go to a coffee shop and make some new friends.

3. Make experts and leaders your allies. Get doctors to recommend your recipe blog to patients on your special diet. Get professors to recommend your blog about your sociology thesis. People will listen.

4. Use fliers. Put them up where your niche hangs out. Give them to experts to give away. Advertising on paper still works if you know your target.

5. Go out to an open mic night. Use the forum to read aloud a favorite post and sign off by sending your listeners to your blog with a question to answer.

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