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Best Advertising – Choose The Right Medium

Those who are in the world of business need to choose the right media for best advertising their products or services in order to ensure good return.Every medium has its own virtues and vices to consider.While choosing the right media good advertising strategy focuses on three factors: marketing objective,marketing budget and the characteristics of target consumers.Here are the good and bad sides of some of the most used advertising media.


In the print media category newspaper is the most traditional medium of advertising used by big and small enterprises alike.
Ads in newspapers reach out to a large number of people within a specific geographic region. Newspaper ads not only give good exposure to your product message you can publish then within one or two days from the day you produce your ad copy. Thus newspaper advertising is ideal for reflecting constantly changing market condition.
On the negative side there is poor printing and paper quality that mar the creativity. Ad space is quite expensive and smaller classified advertisements can be overlooked because of the larger ads. Moreover, ads have shorter life span as readers usually go through newspaper only once.


Magazine ads are more precise and more expensive compared to newspaper advertising. And they are far more attractive too because of superior quality paper and printing. This medium allows you better targeting of consumers as advertisers can choose publications that cater to their target prospects.
With longer lead time you have to plan for monthly or weekly ads only that in turn heighten the risk of the ad being surpassed by events.Limited scope of ad placing and formatting might make this kind of advertising less fruitful.


Since its invention radio has become one of the most popular medium all around the world.By advertising on radio you can send messages to people anytime anywhere as it is portable and can be played anywhere.Variety in radio programs ensure efficient targeting of potential buyers and get quick and definite response.Negotiable rates and creative help without cost make radio an enticing advertising medium.
On the contrary,you may have to run your ad on multiple stations as listeners can tune in to different stations. Some people feel it annoying as ads interrupt their favorite program.With listeners’ tune out possibility advertiser needs to put forth a lot of effort to capture them.The worst is that once the ad is over listeners can not go back to it again if they missed out some of the points.


Television,with its ever growing popularity and wide reach,lets you reach to a large number of people nationwide.Independent cable channels create new opportunities to locate and attract consumers in a particular region within short time period.Being a visual medium it provides ample scope for creativity with image,sound and motion.
The dimmed side of television advertising includes temporariness and requirement of multiple exposures in order to stand out. Advertiser network mostly concentrate on local broadcast and breaks which can cause a problem when you target viewers nationwide.In addition,limited time and high cost curb the amount of information you want to deliver.And finally you have to be careful about your social responsibility as an advertiser while designing an ad for the television.


Last but not the least is online advertising.On World Wide Web you can focus on specialty advertising with wide variety of software and hardware support.Flexibility of use and selective distribution of ads narrow down the targetaudience.Advertising on Internet creates instant awareness and allow users to retain those ad items if they feel like.
The major disadvantage of online advertising is that targeting and reaching the market is quite difficult as not everyone use it for his or her business.It takes long to design and develop promotions on the web.
These apart,there are various other ways to convey your promotional message such as telemarketing and direct mailing that ensure direct and quick response.

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