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Beginning a Career as a Home Inspector

Becoming a home inspector can be an exciting career if you like to meet new people and be physically active during working hours. Home inspectors can work for inspection companies or start a home inspection business of their own, and their tasks may include everything from confirming the structural integrity of homes to ensuring that appliances are in working order. Since the industry is regulated at the state level, there are important steps to follow if you’re interested in earning your home inspection license.

Complete a Training Program

First, an aspiring home inspection agent must complete around 40 hours of training from a state-approved program. Training programs include instruction on how to perform inspections and information on state laws. State government websites provide a list of approved programs and schools. The training programs usually take several weeks of full-time study to complete.

One of the options may people opt for when looking for a training program is one that is online. Especially for someone who is working another job while trying to switch careers, taking an online course can be the best option. Working at their own pace on a timetable that works with their lifestyle can make getting through the program much less stressful.

Pass the State Qualification Exam

Your state-approved training program should prepare you well for the exam. Once you have completed the training program, you can register to take the state exam. Upon passing the exam, you will become a licensed inspector. Depending on the state, a student may need to complete a specified number of inspections with a currently licensed inspector.

Inspect Homes

Since there are always people buying and selling homes, real estate inspectors are expected to remain in high demand. Pay varies widely based on location and the number of hours worked, but the average pay is around $55,000 per year. Many people enjoy working as a home inspector because of the variety of work and the ability to work outside of an office. Home inspectors often meet interesting people while providing a valuable service.

Keep Learning

Home inspectors can continue to earn education credits through state-approved training programs. These programs will help keep inspectors up to date on the newest industry laws and standards.

Home inspection can be a rewarding career, particularly for outgoing people who don’t want to spend all day at a desk. What’s more, the results of your work will often be extremely valuable to both homeowners and potential buyers.

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