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Battery Care – See in-depth battery data

Battery Care – See in-depth battery data

Smartphone batteries are among the most frequently replaced accessories when it comes to mobile technology. Most of the time, it is due to our lack of knowledge on the correct way to use them.

If you own an iPhone or any other smartphone or tablet with a non-removable battery, it becomes really tough to know if your battery is in good condition or not.

This may lead to so much worry as you may never know the status of your phone’s battery. To be on the safe side, it helps to download an app that analyses your battery performance and lets you know when there is need for replacement.

The Battery Care Free App developed by HungChun Lai is an app every iPhone owner concerned about the condition of their battery should install on their iPhone.

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Its high quality battery detection feature analyses your battery performance and detects if it is faulty or if there are any other issues with the battery, by measuring energy levels and comparing them with the normal data.

This app’s user interface is so easy to use, with the normal levels displayed so you can easily figure out any wear levels.

Some of the data displayed include the battery care percentage and condition, battery charge percentage, capacity percentage, cycles, charging current, discharging current, charging state, temperature and voltage.

This helps you in knowing how to care for your battery in the best way possible, thus increasing its lifetime.

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