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Basic Steps in Setting Up and Running a Blog
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Basic Steps in Setting Up and Running a Blog

In this article, we are going to discuss the process of starting and building a blog to make money. Many people who want to start a blog are usually intimidated by the process, the technology being required throughout the process, and by the overall unexpected situations that might show up during the process.

So, let’s see the basic steps of setting up and getting a blog live.

1. Domain name

The very first step is acquiring a domain name for your blog. A common .com domain name usually costs $10-$15 per year and it’s yours. Before you choose a domain name you have to clearly state if you want to brand yourself or want to brand your company. Branding yourself of your company, along with quality content hosted on the respective domain name is an important step for setting up a new business.

2. Hosting

Next, what you are going to need is a web hosting. hosting is important to store or host the actual content of your website, be it a WordPress or a Drupal-driven website or whatever else CMS of your choice. All the files that make up your website such as documents, graphics, videos, texts, etc. are stored on your hosting account. We suggest you buy your own hosting and strongly discourage using a free hosting service. Not only are they unreliable, but those free hosting solutions usually come packed up with dozen of annoying ads and promotional messages. You don’t want that to appear on your blog!

3. Blogging software

The next step is to select an appropriate blogging software or CMS. Here you can find a list with all the CMS systems available today Our CMS of choice is WordPress. This is a very powerful content management system used by millions of people worldwide. It’s excellent and so simple to use in terms of setting up the database, publishing content, updating, setting up pages, uploading videos and pictures, etc. Drupal is another alternative but it requires additional skills.

4. Traffic and visitors

The next step is crucial. A blog without traffic does not exist. If you want to make money through your blog, you have to create value. Providing value, quality content, and insightful information on your blog, these are the ingredients that will help out with gathering targeted visitors to your blog and turning it into a source of income for you.

5. Monetisation

On a successful blog. having thousand of daily targeted visitors, you can promote affiliates, show ads, sell products via 3rd party providers, etc. All of these are a great source of income. However, the best form of making money is to gather together all of your experience, ideas, and knowledge in your area of expertise and write an e-book that you can sell via your blog. Also, you can provide advice to your readers, set some training courses, and ultimately make money by sharing your knowledge.

So, basically, these are the most important steps in setting up a blog page and turning into a steady source of income for you and for your family. don’t be afraid and start blogging today! Good luck!

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