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Banners Can Provide a Local Message

Banners Can Provide a Local Message

While the website has become the most powerful marketing weapon in the hands of a business, it does not mean that traditional ways of promoting that business can be forgotten completely. That applies especially to those companies that are looking to develop their businesses in a relatively small district. In those cases it is possible to get close to the consumer simply because of the size of the catchments area involved.

One of the major strengths of social media is that information can be sent backwards and forwards across the world in an instant. Equally, family and friends exchanging opinions and providing recommendations about something in the locality means that the word spreads and a local business can get an immediate boost.


The decisions that a local service company, a restaurant or wholesaler need to make revolve around their promotional budget. They may consider a leaflet campaign, local media advertising or hosting an event that should get local publicity. When it comes to making a visual impact, few things do a better job than banners that announce a presence or an offer. A simple message on a banner is a powerful way to provide consumers passing by with information. Those that use social media every day are likely to comment on something different that they see during the day.


When it comes to banner printing, some companies specialise in producing banners and offering advice on the best colours and fonts to use. Banners really should not include too much text; perhaps just a name, logo and short slogan. When a banner uses a date it obviously limits its use to a single event. If there is no date included then banners can be used over and over again. They are durable and can be stored away without taking up much space.


edweewrIf the local business is new then the marketing strategy should involve not only advertising material but also details of what it is about. That is not really a function that a banner can achieve. However, banners actually hung above the location or even multiple banners with directional signs will certainly be of benefit without being too expensive. Existing businesses that are known within the community may decide instead that it is worth doing regular promotions. A banner that announces a sale or special offer needs no more than the company name and the word ‘sale’ perhaps, using bold colours such as red on white – making sure it will be seen from a distance.

It surely makes sense to look at this more closely and discuss with a specialist the costs of production and delivery time. There is never any obligation in asking for a quotation; it is all part of the service a good printer provides.

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