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Are there Links between a Good Night’s Sleep and Marijuana Strain?

Are there Links between a Good Night’s Sleep and Marijuana Strain?

For many years, marijuana and all its forms have undergone bans within the United States, even though that is changing with recent legislation. Many states are now passing legislation that gives legitimate status to the drug, and its acceptance among the general public has taken a dramatic u-turn, and more people are endorsing the drug.

In fact, 2012 was the turning point of the drug, as Washington and Colorado were the first states to legalize the drug for recreational purposes, as long as the use was from adults from ages 21 and older. Today, the drug is legal in thirty states, though the majority of states allow its use for medical purposes.

What has led to the changes in the attitude towards the drug?

The public opinion regarding the use of marijuana has changed sharply over the last thirty years, and more people are supporting its legalization, with a recent survey revealing that about 60% of Americans support its use for various purposes.

This may be due to the need of laws adapting themselves to the requirements of the society completely. For many people, this means that the total ban on the drug fails to make sense, and this may be due to several reasons, including:

Its classification as a dangerous drug

Medical experts will classify marijuana as a harmful substance, but many people fail to get convinced on the issue. Even you may have been skeptical of its status as a deadly drug, mostly because you hardly see people dying from marijuana overdoses.

Research fails to show proof of this happening, and the public tends to compare it to other drugs such as alcohol that have fatalities in their records.

Failing the war on drugs

The war on drugs is not a recent move, having lasted for decades. However, the public does not see it as a success, simply seeing it as failed practices and policies, due to the lack of addressing the issues of drug trafficking and violence related to drug abuse.

Growing evidence of benefits

More medical and scientific research reveals the growing importance of marijuana use. The benefits that the products can provide to you are increasing its endorsement among people.

Regardless of the benefits,it is still difficult to know the exact benefits marijuana has on sleep, even though research shows it helps with conditions such as seizures, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and many more.

Effects on cannabis on your sleep

Numerous studies and research activities show the benefits of marijuana, claiming it is effective in aiding sleep because of its effects in the body. It helps you to relieve stress as well as promoting a sedating effect.

More so, many people are increasingly convincing you how effective it is as a sleep aid, though this may be difficult to believe since most psychoactive drugs tend to reduce the quality of sleep. However, you should know some facts before reaching for that drug:

It is not uncommon to experience insomnia

As much as it is vital to get sleep to help your physical and mental health, many adults still struggle with getting some sleep. This problem is more common than you may think, as more than 50 million adults in the U.S. undergo the problem, according to the American Sleep Association.

Marijuana is increasingly undergoing promotion as a cure-all for the problem, even though many view it skeptically. The reasoning is the natural nature of the drug, which implies there are little to no side effects.

How does marijuana promote sleep?

Even though marijuana shows itself to be a very effective sleeping aid for many users, its relationship with sleep is more complex than you think. Marijuana detox and withdrawal symptoms aside, the debate continues about whether the drug is beneficial to its users or not.

The reason behind marijuana effectiveness in promoting your shut-eye lies in the cannabinoids it contains. Two of these are particularly famous, and they are CBD (Cannabidiol), which is non-psychoactive (does not lead to a ‘high’ feeling), and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is psychoactive.

THC is the component of marijuana that is responsible for inducing sleep, so strains of the drug that have more THC than CBD are particularly helpful. In fact, consumption of marijuana strains that have higher THC leads to reduction of REM sleep, leading to reduction of dreams and nightmares for those who have PTSD.

However, there is a catch – REM sleep is essential for proper immune system and cognitive functions. This means that marijuana containing high levels of THC reduces the quality of your sleep if you use it for the long-term.

Before you use marijuana, make sure you know the following facts:

Even if marijuana looks like a very valid option, it still remains a drug, and it has risks to your health. You should use it with caution, in addition to keeping in mind that it is illegal in many places.

Discuss with your doctor

Your physician has the best advice to give you, so make sure you discuss your sleep cycles before using the drug. The drug may interfere with normal sleep cycles if you use it long-term, since much of the immune functions and repair occur during deep sleep.

In addition, remember that long-term usage of any sleep aids is highly dangerous, so use the drug responsibly.

If you have other conditions, discuss them first

Consuming marijuana, especially in smoked form, can be particularly dangerous to our health if you suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma. When you are breastfeeding or pregnant, it is also not advisable to use marijuana regardless of its form.

It is dangerous to use it long-term

An unknown fact by many is that long-term use of the drug changes the amounts of gray matter in your brain, and this is even more prevalent when younger people use it, such as teens.

Consuming marijuana for good resting periods

If smoking is not your thing, you may want to try vaping devices, or tinctures rich in THC. The best amount of marijuana depends on various factors, but you need to be careful not to overdo it.

Final thoughts

The popularity of marijuana is steadily increasing, and among the benefits it offers is better sleep quality. However, you still need to remember it is a drug, so you need to exercise caution as you use it.

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