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Arbitao: The New Way of Arbitrage Based On Blockchain

Arbitao: The New Way of Arbitrage Based On Blockchain

Arbitrage trading is a very risky business. Only those with the resources to participate in the trade are the ones who can survive it. Before, there weren’t so many, but today, even you can participate in arbitrage trading. The only thing you need is interest in it. Thanks to Arbitao, arbitrage doesn’t have to be as scary and risky as it used to be. Arbitao introduces a secure and level playing field for those who are interested in arbitrage trading. Here is how.

The ATAO Blockchain

Blockchains and arbitrage are at the core of cryptocurrencies. Blockchains introduced a system of security that has never been seen before. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, are self-sustaining because they were designed using blockchains. Systems developed using blockchains are one of the most secure and impenetrable systems in the world. Blockchains are the future of applications and digital data security. They have introduced new opportunities and possibilities for online enterprises and applications. Arbitao, being one of those online companies, makes use of blockchains to guarantee that your investments will be safe with them. The company employs the strength of community to secure its ATAO Blockchain, which is founded on the Proof of Stake consensus approach and enables decentralization

Arbitrage trading demands money, time, and knowledge. These are the key elements to succeed in this game. Most people can afford the time and knowledge to play the game, but few can afford the money. That means if you manage to get the money and you end up losing it, you will have lost a good sum of money. In addition, you will have wasted your time and energy. It is a painful process. It is very easy for you to lose money through arbitrage trading because cryptocurrencies are very unstable. This is the nature of arbitrage trading outside Arbitao.

Inside Arbitao, all these risks are mitigated. The CEO of the company, John Kinsey, highlights that they are here to give back to the community. Arbitao levels the playground for everyone. With their system, regardless of your financial background, you will be able to participate in the trade for as little as $100. Using the ATAO-Blockchain, everything else is handled by the system. It looks for the most profitable markets for you, so that you won’t be taking any unnecessary risks.

Furthermore, any profits you make will be converted to dollars. This is done to guarantee security and that you won’t unnecessarily lose any money. As indicated earlier, cryptocurrencies are very unstable. They may be worth a thousand dollars a coin today, but tomorrow, that very coin may be worth a penny or lower. Most people are careful with cryptocurrencies due to this instability. By converting your money to dollars, regardless of whether the value of the cryptocurrencies rises or falls, your money will maintain its value because the dollar is a stable currency that rarely loses value in the same way cryptocurrencies do.

Arbitao is a growing community and every person who creates an account with the company becomes part of that community. With an account, you will be able to participate in arbitrage and see the trading taking place in real-time on the company’s website. You can make a profit with the company in various ways. You can join its affiliate program, which will pay you up to 18% in commission from those you introduce to the company. Furthermore, you can participate in staking, a process that is part of the company’s Blockchain, which deals with the verification of transactions involving ATAO-coins (Arbitao’s currency). This is a solid online platform for doing arbitrage trading. In July 2018, the company will be releasing 800, 000, 000 ATAO-coins in the cryptocurrency markets. As an individual with an interest in arbitrage trading, these coins will be invaluable for arbitrage within the Arbitao platform.

Blockchains are the future structure of security, particularly for online data. Cryptocurrencies are the currencies of the future. Arbitao is here to ensure that you are part of that future.

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