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All About Converting COBOL


Even when a business finally decides that they need to modernize their COBOL-based systems, they very well may face a whole host of problems. One of the biggest obstacles businesses and IT departments report is that companies running legacy systems very often have the business processes and language hardcoded into the legacy applications. When this occurs, it always means they are interwoven with other legacy code. The interdependency of the two inevitably makes the entire process very complex.

Fortunately, there are companies out there who specialize in the modernization of COBOL systems. You see, with COBOL, the applications can actually be lifted directly from legacy platforms and moved, in whole, to other, more modern operating systems. For instance, is a company is still running COBOL on an IBM or Unisys mainframe environment, the system can actually be switched over to a far more modern Windows- or Linux-based operating system. Since COBOL is now completely re-hosted after this process, it can be operated or manipulated either on-site or in the Cloud, whichever the business or IT department prefers.

If there are applications which require a change in the programming language, the process is actually much different than just a “simple” environment change. Most cobol modernization companies who specialize in complete language transformations will use a proprietary system to convert everything over and then deliver the final result in an application form to the client.

If somebody is looking to modernize their COBOL system, they really need to take a hard look at the company they are considering and ask themselves a few questions.

1. Are the employees who are going to be working on the project required to possess any kind of security clearance? By ensuring that they do, this lessens the opportunity for any kind of corporate sabotage or thievery. With news headlines screaming about cut-throat shenanigans being employed by corporations both large and small, security should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

2. Will they deliver the product to you as well as explain the results? Face it, not every company owner is fluent in “tech-speak” which is why an experienced company such as AveriSource needs to be considered before any others. It makes little sense to get a finished product delivered to you without quite knowing what exactly it does and what the differences are. This is what the pros deliver.

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