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Air guns- what are they

Air guns are simply guns that use pellets as ammunition as opposed to live ammunition. Air guns should not be confused with airsoft guns since their mode of functionality is quite different. As a matter of fact air guns are quite more powerful that airsoft guns. Air guns can be classified depending on their mode of functionality; nonetheless, they are all classified as pneumatic guns since they make use of gas and science technology in their operation.

Air guns are not new, they have been in the market since as early as the 1400s. Back in the days they were the best alternative for guns due to their quietness and low visibility. Air guns could fire at a very high velocity than any other guns. There are three main types of air guns available; gas-ram, spring piston and pneumatic air guns. Gas-rum air guns are a unique type of air guns.

Gas-ram air guns operate on the principle that there is a chamber of compressed air behind the pellet. When the gun is cocked, the air becomes much more compressed and pressurized. The pellet is usually propelled at a very high velocity once the trigger is pulled. The performance of a gas-rum air gun is much more efficient than the spring piston guns due to their durability and accuracy.

Spring piston air guns are regarded as manual air guns since there style of functionality relies on the cocking the barrel in order to initiate pumping action. The strength required to pump the ammo is directly proportional to the power of the air gun. Spring powered air guns comprise of a spring load piston which is usually pulled back and locked in a sear.

This creates a zone of compressed air behind the barrel. When the spring is released after pulling the trigger, the compressed air behind the pellet pushes the pellet out through the barrel. The velocity at which the pellet is released from the barrel depends on the capacity of the air compressed by the spring load. Modern technology spring powered air guns have a battery that cocks the gun automatically. They also have the capability to fire multiple shots.

Pneumatic guns are rather more similar to gas-ram guns since they use the principle of compressed air. However, they differ in the essence that; in a gas-rum air gun there is already compressed air in the barrel while in pneumatic guns; there is fresh air every time the gun is cocked. Pneumatic guns use only air to fire the pellet. There are two types of pneumatic guns.

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Multi-stroke BB guns requires one to pump more than one time for an accurate shot. Single stroke air gun only requires you to pump the gun once and you get an accurate shot.
Air guns are often used as a hunters weapon. Due to the ammunition used and the speed of projection they cannot be used in a game like airsoft. Nonetheless they are very good at target shooting due to their accuracy.

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