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Advertising; an important marketing feature

Advertising is very different from personal selling. In personal selling, the customer is guided by a sales person, but in advertising the advertisement is shown to the customer and the decision is in the hands of the customer. Therefore, advertising may be called written personal selling. Thus, advertising is very effective for all kinds of products.

Thus, every company must use television advertising to advertise their products. Television advertising is the most preferred way to advertise these days. Thus, every business entrepreneur must take interest in television advertising. Commercials are big sellers and the most important part of television advertising. Thus, the most famous form of advertising is television advertising.

Print advertising can also spread a lot of information. The main elements of print advertising are pamphlets, leaflets, brochure, newspapers, magazines and visiting cards. Print advertising is a must for every company. Every company must take appropriate interest in print advertising. Thus, print advertising occupies a major role in the advertising process.

Another important mode of advertising is radio advertising. These days everybody listens to radio advertising in a temptation to come across songs. Thus, radio advertising is very important for spreading mass awareness about a product. Thus, every company must invest in radio advertising. Adequate care must be taken that radio advertising is not skipped.

Outdoor advertising is another important means of advertisement. Outdoor advertising is extremely helpful. Outdoor advertising is very effective mode of advertising. All business entrepreneurs must invest good amount of money in Outdoor advertising. The important elements of Outdoor advertising are banners, hoardings as well electronic hoardings.

Airport advertising is very important because customers tend to do shopping in their free time and they have a lot of free time at the airport. That’s why airport advertising must be given adequate importance.  Company must make adequate investment in airport advertising. People tend to look around at an airport which makes airport advertising extremely important.

Internet is a very important mode of communication these days. And this very fact has made internet advertising very important in today’s scenario. Thus, every company must invest wisely in internet advertising. Internet advertising will help a company increase its sale manifolds since internet is within the reach of every second person these days.

The most important form of advertising these days is mobile advertising. It is because mobile is in the hands of every second person these days. Thus, mobile advertising occupies a very major role in the advertising process.  Mobile connects very well. Thus, mobile advertising plays an eminent role in advertising process. Thus, every business entrepreneur must pay adequate attention towards mobile advertising. This is because mobile advertising I the most common as well as effective means of advertising these days.

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