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Advertising – The consumer is the master again

Expenditure in advertising is increasing in spheres like health, education and travel, in spite of recession and down sliding in some such as retail but luxury segment is much more stable. Advertising has become target oriented featuring holding capacity of its loyal customers.

Television Advertising:-

Television advertising is after all the art of nailing its consumers to loose off money on the products advertised. Television advertising effects globally, targeting the consumer’s attitude with increased aggression, breaking down the boundaries with growing new audience and tailored advertising, intruding the ideologies. This allows innovative ideas to be shared. The increase use of software, animation and promoting intelligently, arrests the sophisticated urban population.

Radio Advertising:-

In spite of many options available today, radio advertising is a sure choice even for an established or a new venture, for its wide range of target listeners spreading geographically diverse culture and spending capability. Radio advertising ensures low cost, with basic terms available; it’s an easy choice as per the requirement for maximum benefit.

Print Advertising:-

The expenditure on print advertising is increasing as press releases, news letter or brochure. For better results, print advertising, mainly based on psychological theories and market research pictures the weakness and behavior of customers.

Airport Advertising:-

Low cost airlines has attracted all segment of the society from niche first class business to economy travelers, they play an active role in Airport advertising. Pillars wrapped with attractive designs visible from every angle are just a common aspect in airport advertising.

In a busy airport terminal passengers are bound to see the huge vertical and horizontal banners, dynamic wall wraps, overhead and escalator spectaculars and digital displays which are typically synchronized with flight schedules advertising different products and services.

Outdoor Advertising:-

Outdoor advertising captures audiences effectively. As they are exposed to it either they like it or not, be it on benches, posters or even transit ads. Outdoor advertising has a greater frequency of viewers as it remains in the same place for months and the same viewer’s passes through it number of times.

As most of them are in motion outdoor advertising should have brief messages, be creative, attractive yet appealing.

Location has its own significance with traffic, angle, visibility and lighting at night.

Business product has a greater influence and builds a solid reputation on fragmented audience when all the advertising, techniques are synchronized to make a better hold in the market. For more information visit:

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