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Academic Writing Principles

Academic Writing Principles

In academic writing not only the content has to be good. The work has to be well written in terms of structure and phrasing. The writing style takes much to develop. Though, if you succeed you will equally well produce academic works as business reports.

At school students are rarely told what exactly academic writing principles are. That makes students confused. Often the students get inspired by the work written by academic writers and start to develop personal writing skills.

It is important to remember that it takes much time to develop strong academic writing skills. The person has to practice a lot. That is why it is important to not fear to make mistakes. The student needs to start practicing already at school. Strong academic writing skills also help to succeed in professional life. Even if you become a manager, they will be in need. You will be able to summarize and organise the information quickly. You also will produce different presentations and reports accurately.

What Academic Writing Principles Are

According to, in order to succeed in academic writing you have to know well the principles of academic writing. Content, style, and formatting are very important in academic writing. If the person is not accurate about it, he will always be given a low mark. Here are the most important academic writing principles:

  • Write in academic language. For people its takes years to develop the vocabulary of academic work. If you want to use right language you have to use terms. You can always find them in dictionaries. Pay attention you should not overload your work with terminology. You have to use term only when it is appropriate. Otherwise, the readers will never understand what your work is about.
  • Structure the work well. Structure is important in academic writing. Before you write, make sure you comply with the academic written guidelines of your university. Often such requirement differ from one institution to another. If you have doubts, you can also ask the professor.
  • Keep right sentences structure. When you write for college, you can’t simply use short sentences. The nature of academic work required to make conclusions. The easiest way to put your analytical conclusion paper is to use complex sentences. You should also extensively use transition phrases. They will help you to build the logical connection between your ideas. If you never used such words you can search for them in the internet and learn when it is appropriate to use each one.
  • Avoid writing in first person; for academic papers, it is better to write in third person and follow neutral style of discussion.
  • State your idea clearly. Whatever the area of knowledge is, you have to present your ideas in clear way. Every word in the sentence should be meaningful.
  • Use figures when it is appropriate. Science is not only about figures, but these help to make the statement more clear and to present data in exact way.
  • Justify each conclusion. It is important to follow this rule. Without justification, your ideas are only hypotheses. They can be right, or they can be wrong. So, in order to support your conclusions justify them. For that you can use the thoughts of famous scientists or scientific data if appropriate.
  • Pay attention to formatting. Academic formatting styles are various and have a list of requirements each, but these requirements were formed for a good reason. Make sure you know your formatting style, and just format the paper step by step.

These are important principles to follow in order to write a fine piece of academic work. If you want to be successful in it, you have not only to have the knowledge but also to possess strong writing skills. 

What Personal Skills You Need To Succeed In Producing Pieces For Academia

Personal skills play crucial role for every person. If you have fine personal skills you will succeed in private and professional life. Here is the list of skills and abilities that is needed to get a positive result in academic writing:

  • hard working;
  • persistence;
  • self-organisation;
  • time-management;
  • critical analysis.

This list can be prolonged. It is good to remember, the success in any matter comes from strong motivations. Find your source of motivation and you will become successful everything you do.

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