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About Islam

This subject actually is so vast that one lifetime is not enough to cover all of its aspects. However, since the beginning of time and since the beginning of the creation of the human race in various places and ages the Oneness of the Creator Lord has been there to see if man would but try. Oneness means a type of harmony and unity but definitely not stagnation.

The whole concept of any true religion is to submit to His Divine Will in bowing down to His Way and that may confuse some who falsely are led into believing that their way is His Way. Just by going to the basics shows how wrong those people are. That is where the saying ‘being full of oneself’ comes in. They haven’t understood the practice of the ways and actions of obedience called Sunnah of their Spiritual Leader (prophet) in their heart and therefore even if they follow something religiously, it counts for nothing because if the heart is corrupt the deeds that they do will be corrupt and likened to nothing. Hence, there is the description in the Quran of some peoples’ ‘good’ deeds being turned into dust and rejected (Arab or non-Arab).

However that may be, human beings are not the ones to decide these matters or act as stand-ins for the One God and His Perfect Judgment. Allah is not in need of man’s so-called brilliant deductions. Yet see how man operates with his logic by vindicating himself so as to gain advantage over others! An example of this can be taken from the story of how the idea of the ‘sons of God’ started.

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