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A Leading Search Engine Optimization Company in the Uk

What is Search Engine Optimization?


Search engine optimization is such a critical component of today’s effective Internet marketing. SEO services is the process of making a website search engine friendly so that it can rank well on search engine rankings. Both on page and off page optimization can be implemented in search engine optimization technique.


On page optimization may be defined as follows:

Content Optimization:

Content plays an important role for a website in order to get top search engine ranking. Content is the king. So good quality content sites always have upper hand getting top position on Google, Yahoo, and MSN, or other popular search engines.

Meta Tag Composition:

Meta tag is one of the most important points of promoting a website through popular search engines. It is necessary putting targeted keywords in the Meta tags for two or three times. It will help search engine spider understand about the page. But ensure that your Meta description is not too long as search engines do not like more than 250 characters in the Meta Description tag. Meta Keyword tag is another important part of Meta tag. You should put your targeted keywords in the Meta keyword tags.

Title Tags:

Title tag is the single most important factor, which determines a site’s ranking on the search engines. Title tag therefore needs to be carefully constructed in such a way that it increases your website’s position in the SERP, and it is attractive enough to encourage a surfer to click on your link. You should keep one thing in your mind that title would not be too long as Google takes only 68 characters in the title tag whereas Yahoo takes upto 120 characters.

Search engine sitemap:

It is an xml file contains all the files of the site. This xml file should be uploaded on the root directory of the site. With search engine sitemap you can automatically keep the search engines informed of all your web pages, and when you make changes to these pages to help improve your coverage in the search engine’s crawl.


The Robots.txt file is used to define to the search engines what web pages you want them to index and what pages you don’t. As a search engine spider begins a crawl of your site, the Robots.txt file is the first place they look at for, a fast and easy way of finding the web pages they need to crawl. Having a Robots.txt implemented in your site also speeds up the process in which your website is crawled by the search engines.

Off page optimization:

The main purpose of off page optimization is to increase link popularity for your website. It can done through one-way linking, two-way (reciprocal) linking or three way linking process. Through all these strategies, your site’s link would be placed on other sites that will help in increasing traffic to your site.

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