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A Complete Review of

A Complete Review of

A number of factors including location, ownership information, popularity, phishing and threats related to the website are considered while reviewing it. All of these factors were likewise considered while reviewing, an online memory testing website. Like other business websites is not reviewed only on the basis of its popularity but also on the reputation of its owners and their countries.

You can find a number of similar websites online which look like a genuine website but actually they are scam and fake. It is impossible to identify fake sites on the basis of the fake reviews published on them to attract new customers. The review provided hereunder is based on the analysis of the available information and risk factors about this website. You can easily rate this website after going through this review. offers online fast memory screening test which has been scientifically recognized. Memtrax is the memory screening test that helps in detecting one’s memory issues. This test can be easily accessed and quickly implemented through this website.

Introduction to Memtrax

In short is an activity that is especially designed to measure memory level of a person. You can know about your brain health by monitoring the activities of your mind and memory level. The online users of this process can know the capability of their mind within three minutes by recognizing the images repeatedly as the system starts monitoring the reactions of your brain and its memory level.

Reasons to track memory

By tracking your memory you can know about your mental health and this site makes it practically possible for you. You can easily treat your mental problem if it has been already identified. If your memory is changing with time then naturally you are suffering from the problem of memory loss.


Things to know about creation of

J. Wesson Ashford, M.D., Ph.D., a renowned neuroscientist and psychiatrist, had introduced on the basis of his three decades long research on how to measure memory loss accurately. He started developing it in 1980 in response to the need of an accurate process to evaluate the effect of Alzheimer and dementia on the mind of the patients.

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