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A Cheap Way to Create a Profitable Online Business

Do you know the feeling you get when you finally figure something out or when things seem to fall in place? Its sort of like endorphin’s spinning throughout your body mustering energy to pull you forward towards success. That is the feeling I got when I actually sold my first product online using easy and inexpensive methods.

One thing I learned about the online worlds or starting an online business is that you have two choices. You can either have deep pockets and spend lots of money or you can determine yourself to use as little money as possible to produce the same results. The cheap way to create a profitable online business is just that, a streamline process focused entirely on simply producing a viable online business with the intent of producing cash with some effort on your part with as little money as possible.

This is something I learned how to use and harness, but I did not learn it quickly. The process or processes took me several years to actually understand until I finally began to make money online. Too many people read ads promising to make them 1 Million dollars in less than 30 days, but that’s not reality. The reality is that you can begin making money online in increments. When I started my online business my first online payment was $39 but that soon grew and grew beyond my meager expectations.

I created my website not having a single clue how to use html. I created my website with zero as my marketing budget and I used as many free resources as I could find to benefit my goal of having a profitable online business. One thing I learned was that not all free resources online are created equal. Check the validity of the free resources and gauge their usefulness towards your end goal.

What I did that worked for me and continues to work for me was create a simple website that offered a product that is always needed, I offered information in the form of printable books. I used simple, yet effective marketing strategies that cost me nothing. The money I began to generate from my initial marketing efforts was used to produce larger marketing expectations and promotional strategies. I did not instantaneously begin making thousands of dollars, it was gradual and I kept re-investing a small portion of money towards my business. The point is I was able to create a profitable online business with almost no money and begin producing a profitable online business.

Your first step in creating a profitable online business is think about what you may want to sale. Create a simple website don’t try to compete with larger companies. Use as many free resources initially to get started, as you begin to make a few dollars simply re-invest it to larger and larger marketing campaigns. It sounds simple and it is, it should not be complicated and don’t make it so.

Roy Vera, MBA is a well known consultant and business entrepreneur. His simple yet effective methods to starting a profitable online business cheaply and quickly have earned him the respect of many.

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